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Episode 65 • Colors


Feel blue


Keep someone in the dark

As white as a sheet

Have a green thumb


Barbara: Chloe! My little sister! Oh.. I’ve missed you so much! I haven’t seen you in forever. I’ve just been so busy with work. I’m so happy to be back at home for a couple of days. So, how are you?
Chloe: Actually, I feel blue
Barbara: Why? What’s wrong?
Chloe: Remember Rosie? She died…
Barbara: What?! No… it can’t be… I just saw her the other day… She was fine! What happened?
Chloe: Not really… She was sick, she’d been sick for a long time. We were already worried but then, the other day, we noticed she was covered in dark spots and we knew it was too late.
Barbara: When? When did this all happen? Why didn’t you tell me? You’ve kept me in the dark this whole time?! And mom and dad, too! They didn’t say anything!
Chloe: I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t think she mattered that much to you! Calm down, please. You’re as white as a sheet. Seriously, take a seat and relax… I’m sad, too, but it’s not that big of a deal!
Barbara: Are you kidding me? You know how much I loved Aunt Rosie!
Chloe: What?! No, I’m not talking about Aunt Rosie… I’m talking about our houseplant Rosie… You know we don’t exactly have a green thumb but we really thought this one would survive.
Barbara: Oh my gosh! How about specifying which Rosie you were talking about?!


All right. It's a pretty big misunderstanding that we just witnessed. Let's begin with expression one, feel blue.

Feel blue

'Actually, I feel blue...'

• If you feel blue, do you feel happy or sad?

If you're feeling blue, that means that you're feeling sad, unfortunately

• How sad do you feel? Only a bit sad or very sad?

Only a bit sad or very sad. If you're feeling blue, that means that you're feeling very sad. Even if you're depressed, you can say that you feel blue. It's like this sadness that comes from within, that comes from the inside. Yes, it's pretty bad when you feel blue.

• When was the last time you felt blue?

I do suffer from depression, it's not too bad. It's not like chronic, but there are times when I feel hopeless and I don't want to make this too sad, but we're talking about feeling blue. The last time I felt blue was probably a month ago when my boyfriend was away and I got very, I don't know, just miss him very much. I get very attached to people and I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing, but he was away and there were a few moments when I felt blue because I missed him too much.


'... we noticed she was covered in dark spots...'

• Is a spot an area on a surface that has the same color as the surface around it or a different color?

Don't get confused. It's easier than it sounds. A spot is an area on a surface that has a different color than the area around it.

• Where are spots likely to appear? On your hair or on your skin?

On your hair or on your skin. Spots usually appear on your skin, maybe, I don't know, can be anywhere on your skin, like on your arms, on your chest, on your back, wherever.

• Are spots lighter or darker compared to the area around them?

Well, it depends on the kind of spot. Sometimes spots let's say they are sometimes they're red and so they might be depending on the color of your skin, they might be darker or lighter, sometimes they're white, so they tend to be lighter than the skin around them.

• What are spots due to?

I think there's a lot of different reasons why you could get spots. One of them could be, for example, an allergic reaction, maybe you touch something that you're allergic to and you get all these tiny little spots, all these tiny little marks on your skin, maybe sometimes they itch, you want to scratch, or sometimes they're just a different color and that's it or also sometimes you could get spots after you've exposed yourself to the sun too much. For example, I have dark spots all over my face because I got a really bad and burned when I was 16, which leads me to the next question, which is...

• Have you ever been covered in spots?

I am covered in spots. I can post a picture when this episode comes out on my social media, so you can see all the spots that I have on my face but I do have a lot of dark spots on my face and sometimes I'll cover them with makeup and sometimes I'm just too lazy to do that so I don't, yes, I'm covered in spots. I'm like a leopard.

Keep someone in the dark

'You’ve kept me in the dark this whole time?!'

• If you have some information but decide to keep someone in the dark, do you tell them everything or do you keep that information to yourself?

If you keep someone in the dark, that means that you do not want to tell them everything you want to keep a piece of information secret.

• Do you keep someone in the dark because you forget to tell them something or do you do that on purpose?

If you keep somebody in the dark it's because you want to keep a secret, you don't want them to know something and so you do that on purpose. Maybe you're doing that to protect them, or maybe you want to do that. You want to keep them in the dark and not tell them something to protect yourself.

• Have you ever kept someone in the dark because you didn’t want them to know something?

Yes, I don't think it's too bad to keep someone in the dark, especially if it is to protect them. For example, I can think of when I got my tattoo done, which was, I was 26. It was like, oh my gosh, almost five years ago? Can't believe it. Anyway, about five years ago, I got a tattoo and I didn't want my mom to know right away because I knew she would say something and she would ruin the whole experience because she's really against tattoos. I went and I did it and I didn't tell her anything. I kept her in the dark and I only told her after I had got it done. She actually reacted the way I thought she was going to react, which was really bad but that's okay, she's over it now.

As white as a sheet

'You’re as white as a sheet.'

• If you are as white as a sheet, is your face more pale than usual or less pale than usual?

Here is why does a sheet? Your face is very, very pale, so more pale than usual.

• What feelings can cause you to be as white as a sheet?

It's usually from fear or shock. Imagine you've just been giving some really terrible news or maybe you just, I don't know, you saw a ghost or something. I'm not really sure, but if you're in shock or in fear that may make you become as white as a sheet.

• What would you have to see to become as white as a sheet?

I think something, I think a real danger, so I would have to be presented with a real danger, so I don't know. Imagine I was walking through the forest and I see a wild animal that wants to attack me or let's say I'm in the woods and I see a wolf and he looks aggressive. I think that in that case, I would be as white as a sheet.

Have a green thumb

'You know we don’t exactly have a green thumb...'

• If you have a green thumb, are your plants likely to survive or are they likely to die?

If you do have a green thumb, then your plans are likely to survive because if you have a green thumb, that means that you are very good with plans, you know how to take care of them. You remember to water them. It's good for your plans if you have a green thumb.

• What about you? Do you have a green thumb?

I definitely do not have a green thumb. All of the plans in my house are fake and I bought fake plans because I know I don't have a green thumb. The few times when I try to buy real plans, I think they lasted, probably a week and it's my fault because I don't know how to properly take care of them. It just makes me sad every time to, you have to throw away a nice little plan or what used to be a nice little plan. I stopped buying them. I just accepted the fact that I don't have a green thumb and now I only buy fake plants.

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