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Stand-up comedian




Crack someone up


Greg: Hey, nice to meet you. I’m Greg.
Lucy: Nice to meet you, Greg. I’m Lucy. I love this place! I’d never been here. What about you?
Greg: Ehm, yeah. I work here.
Lucy: Oh, really? What do you do for a living, Greg?
Greg: Oh, I- I’m a stand-up comedian. Yeah, I actually have a gig here tonight.
Lucy: No way. A comedian, uh? Say something funny.
Greg: Ugh. It doesn’t work that way.
Lucy: Oh, c’mon… Just one joke…
Greg: Uuhm, alright… Uhm… Let’s see… I’ve always wanted to be a stand-up comedian… until… until I realized how much I liked sitting.
[Laughing loudly]
Lucy: Oh my gosh, what a good punchline!
Greg: Oh, it wasn’t that- It wasn’t that funny.
Lucy: Are you kidding me?! That was hilarious! One more, please! One more!
Greg: I don’t know what else to say, man. Can we just have a normal conversation?
[Laughing loudly]
Lucy: Oh, gosh! You crack me up, man!
Greg: That wasn’t even a joke…


Guys, what did you think of my fake laugh? Was it good? I think it was really annoying, to be honest. I don't laugh that way. You probably know.

Stand-up comedian

'I’m a stand-up comedian.'

• Does a stand-up comedian perform in front of a live audience or in movies?

Stand-up comedians perform in front of a live audience, it's usually a club or a pub or a bar, one of these places.

• How many stand-up comedians are usually on the stage at the same time?

Normally, there's one stand-up comedian on the stage because it's a monologue. The only things that are on the stage, it's usually a stool or a chair or something like that and a microphone and then you have obviously the comedian there. Yes, it's a monologue performed by the comedian and we can include some personal stories or it can include their thoughts on life and it's usually funny, hopefully, it's funny. That's the idea.

• Do you have a favorite stand-up comedian?

Stand-up comedy is one of my favorite types of comedy and my favorite stand-up comedian is Dimitri Martin. I don't know if you've ever heard of him, but he's got a show or he used to have a show on Netflix. Not a show, but a special thing and he's really funny. He makes a lot of jokes, including a play on words. You need to be able to understand English very, very well in order to be able to understand his jokes, but he's super funny and they're very, very short jokes, but very intense. Demetri Martin, you can look him up. He's hilarious, he's really funny.


'Yeah, I actually have a gig here tonight.'

• If a comedian has a gig, does that mean that they will perform or that they will watch other comedians?

If a comedian has a gig, they are going to perform. A gig is a performance, is a show.

• Have you ever been at a comedy gig?

Yes, I have. I think once or twice. I definitely remember one time I was in York city and I went there with my then-boyfriend and it was funny. I was very intimidated because I was sitting in the front row and stand-up comedians or at least some stand-up comedians, they make jokes about the people that are in the room, and so I knew they were going to make jokes about me, which they did, but it wasn't too bad. I was still pretty embarrassed, but yes, there was a good experience.


'Oh my gosh, what a good punchline!'

• Is a punchline the beginning of a joke or the end of a joke?

The punchline is the end of the joke. In a joke, it's what's supposed to make you laugh.

• Can you think of a joke with a silly punchline?

I had to Google this because I don't like jokes usually, so I couldn't think of any good ones at the moment, so I Googled it and you're ready for this? All right, here comes a joke. Why aren't koala bears actual bears? Ready for the punchline? Because they don't meet the koalafications, ha you get it? Koalafications, they don't meet the koalafications that sounds like qualifications. I know it wasn't great, but you got the idea of what a punchline is.


'Are you kidding me?! That was hilarious!'

• If something is hilarious, is it kind of funny or extremely funny?

If something's hilarious, it's extremely funny. Really, really funny.

• Have you watched or heard something hilarious recently?

Oh my goodness. Yes, a few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a video and it was about, I don't know if you watched it. It's this little kid that's dressed like a chef and he's trying to make cookies and I think his grandma is next to him and he's trying to make them. He's like maybe three years old and he's putting all the ingredients in a bowl. Only he wants to eat everything and every time that he puts something like the minutes, the seconds, he puts something in the bowl, he reaches with his other hand and grabs that ingredient and puts it in his mouth and he's really funny because of the way he does it and it's also really funny because he does that with all kinds of ingredients, not just chocolate, it's like raw flour, he just puts it in his mouth, like a handful, and then raw egg, so it's hilarious. I wish I could show it to you guys. I'll find a way. I'll see if I can post it on social media and if you guys follow me, then you can go and check it out.

Crack someone up

'You crack me up, man!'

• If someone cracks you up, do you find them funny or not?

If someone cracks you up, you think they're really funny.

• If someone cracks you up, when they say something funny, will you laugh quietely or out loud?

If someone cracks you up, they make you laugh out loud like the girl in the story that's cracking up. Cracking up means laughing really loudly. If someone cracks you up, that means that they are really, really funny, or you think they are really funny.

• Do you have any friends that crack you up?

I have this one friend. His name is Deca, actually, his name is Claudio. We're friends from school and I don't know what it is about this guy, but I swear to God, everything that he says I find it so funny and I can't help but laugh and not just smile but laugh and so, yes, he definitely cracks me up.

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