Episode 68 • Organizing


Clean out



Marie Kondo

Throw out


Hanna: So, Sammy. There’s a reason why I’ve asked you to come. There’s something I’ve gotta confess… I haven’t cleaned out my closet in forever and now it’s gotten to the point where I don’t even know where to begin. I mean… It’s a mess… And since you’re tidy and organized, I thought maybe you could help me but I’m so embarrassed…
Sammy: Oh, c’mon. It can’t be that bad. Open the door, let me see. Jeez, Hanna! What is this?
Hanna: I told you!
Sammy: There’s a lot of work to do here. This is ridiculous, Anna! Why would you keep all this stuff?! I know, I know. I just don’t want to throw anything away. But you can, you have my permission to do what you have to do to make this room look like a closet again.
Hanna: Alright, just pass me the gloves. Okay, just leave, go get a smoothie or something and come back in a couple of hours, okay? Sammy: Okay! Let’s get to work! [Clock ticking]
Hanna: Sammy… I’m back.
Sammy: Oomph! Just in time! Alright, look! Doesn’t it look a lot better? It looks so much bigger, too!
Hanna: I- Yeah. Because it’s empty.
Sammy: Oh, yeah… I Marie Kondo-d the whole closet!
Hanna: So, you basically threw out all my clothes.
Sammy: Well, I mean, I just threw out the things that didn’t spark joy, you know, that didn’t make you happy.
Hanna: But- But- What am I going to wear now?
Sammy: I mean, you can wear this dress. This is cute.
Hanna: What if I want to wear pants?!
Sammy: Uuuh… Alright, I think we need to go shopping.


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