Episode 69 • Human Sounds








Receptionist: Hey, sorry for the wait, Mr and Mrs Lopez, the marriage counselor will see you soon.
Mrs Lopez: Alright, thank you. Bob. Bob!
Mr Lopez: What?
Mrs Lopez: This is exactly why we need to see a therapist. You never listen to me. How can I stay in a marriage if my husband doesn’t even listen to me?!
Mr Lopez: I’m sorry…
Mrs Lopez: Bob, Bob… Can you stop it? We’re in a waiting room. You can’t sing. You’re bothering people.
Mr Lopez: I wasn’t singing, I was humming.
Mrs Lopez:I don’t care. Just stop it, please!
Mrs Lopez: Are you serious? What are you? 4 years old?
Mr Lopez: What now? I can’t even yawn now? I’m tired! And bored! We’ve been here forever!
Mrs Lopez: I’m just saying, maybe you could yawn a little less loudly.
Mr Lopez: Alright sorry… I’ll try…
Mrs Lopez: What’s wrong? What are you sighing about? If there’s something wrong, just tell me.
Mr Lopez: How long do you think it’ll be before they let us in.
Mrs Lopez: I don’t know. Not soon enough.
Mrs Lopez: Why are you giggling now? What’s so funny?
Mr Lopez: Oh, nothing. Just this meme my brother sent me.
Mrs Lopez: Okay, you’ve gotta be kidding me! Now you’ve got the hiccups?
Mr Lopez: Wha- [hiccups]? I can’t help it!
Mrs Lopez: Here, drink some water!
Mr Lopez: Thanks! I think I’m fine now.
Mrs Lopez: Thank goodness!
… [hiccups]
Mrs Lopez: Aaargh! Enough! I want a divorce!


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