Episode 7 • Friendship


Go back a long way


Stay in touch

Drift apart

Bump into


My friend Akari and I go back a long way. We’ve known each other for over 15 years. It’s crazy when you think about it. We met online, on one of these language exchange platforms. She wanted to learn English and I wanted to learn Japanese. I lived in the States and she was in Japan, obviously, so there was no way for us to meet in real life. But, we had so many things in common, we decided to connect on social media. So I friended her on Facebook. For a while we spoke almost every day! I couldn’t believe an online friendship could be so strong! We stayed in touch for almost two years, but then she met a guy, an American man who later became her boyfriend, she got very busy and we slowly drifted apart, until, one day, we stopped talking altogether. We didn’t speak for almost ten years. A year ago, though, I was in my hometown and guess what? I bumped into her and her husband! They had gotten married and moved to my city! And just like that, we became best friends again, only, this time, in real life.


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