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Gray hair

Not look a day over (age in years)

Turn (age in years)


Charlotte: Hey, it’s Mary, right? Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party!
Mary: Yeah, of course, you came with Tracy, right?
Charlotte: Yeah, I did. I gotta say, I’m impressed! You’re aging really well.
Mary: Excuse me?
Charlotte: I said you’re aging really well! What’s your secret?
Mary: My secret? I don’t know… What do you mean?
Charlotte: You have very few wrinkles. You’ve gotta tell me what lotion you’re using.
Mary: Uh, I’m not sure what it’s called… I forget.
What about your hair, don’t you have any gray hairs?
Uh, I guess. I mean, at my age, I’m starting to-
Charlotte: I’m just saying, when Tracy told me you were 49, I couldn’t believe it…
Mary: No, w-
Charlotte: … because you don’t look a day over 40, my friend!
Mary: 40? I’m turning 29 today!
Charlotte: Oh… Still, y- You’re looking great. Happy birthday!


Oh, my goodness. What an awkward situation. I don't know if you've ever been in that position where you guess someone's age and it's not that age, and you've just told them that they're older than they actually are. That's a little embarrassing, but oh, well, it happens.


'You’re aging really well.'

• If you’re aging, are you starting to look younger or older?

When you're aging, you are starting to look older, and you're also starting to get older.

• What can you do to avoid ageing too fast?

There's actually all sorts of products that, at least, claim that they can help you avoid aging too fast. You've got like creams that you put all over your body or on your face. Also, eating healthy is supposed to help you avoid aging too fast, and then just having a good lifestyle overall. Then there's one weird thing that I've heard of. There's people that go into this, it's like a bathtub, and the temperature is freezing. It's super, super cold. Supposedly, if you getting there, then that helps you slow down the aging process. That's what they say. I think it's just torture. I don't think I would ever do it even if it made me 20 years younger. Well, actually, if it made me 20 years younger, maybe I would do it.

• Can you think of a celebrity who you think is aging really well?

Well, guys, I may be biased here because I was in love with Brad Pitt as I was growing up. I'm just going to say Brad Pitt is aging pretty well. I don't know how old he is. What? 50 now? Whatever. I'll have to google it because I don't know. He's getting older, but I think he's aging really well. I think there's other celebrities that are not aging particularly well. I don't know what you're doing, Brad, but keep doing what you're doing because you're aging really well.


'You have very few wrinkles.'

• Are wrinkles lines or spots that you get as you get older?

Wrinkles are those lines that you get when you get older.

• Where do wrinkles appear?

They appear on your skin. I would say mostly on your face. I'm sure the older you get, the more wrinkles you get. You could get them on your neck or even your hands, I guess, but mostly on your face, on your forehead, around your eyes or around your lips.

• Do you have a lot of wrinkles?

I don't. I'm 31 right now. I've never taken great care of my skin in general, so it's not in great condition, but it's also not too bad. I think I'm just like lucky, genetically speaking. I do have a few wrinkles, I've noticed, on my forehead. You can only, though, see them if I'm frowning, so if I'm making some specific facial expressions. If I'm relaxed, I don't have many, but I do have one when I say the letter U, or I pucker up for a kiss and I put my lips together. You can see a little wrinkle right above-- I think it's my upper lip. That really scared me when I saw that because I think that makes you look pretty old. As soon as I saw that, I bought a cream and that I never put it on because I'm terrible in these things. It's still there. Oh, well, we're all aging.

Gray hair

'Don’t you have any gray hairs?'

In this case, I'm talking about hairs in the plural form with the S because I'm talking about the individual hairs.

• Who has gray hair, older or young persons?

Well, I don't actually know there. There's some young persons that do have gray hair. Maybe something happened to them, but usually, it's older people that have gray hair.

Listen to this one because this one's interesting:

• What color are gray hairs?

Gray hairs are actually white. That's right. If you pluck one, if you examine one, you will notice that those types of hairs that we're talking about are actually white. Then obviously when you see them all together with the rest of your hair, they kind of look gray but they aren't. They are white.

• When did you get your first gray hair?

Maybe some of you haven't got it yet because you're young. I got my first hair, the first one that I noticed, I was incredibly young. I was 16 when I first noticed a gray hair, so pretty young, 16.

Not look a day over (age in years)

'… because you don’t look a day over 40, my friend!'

• If you tell someone they don’t look a day over 40, does that mean you think they are older than 40 or younger?

If you tell someone, "Hey, you don't look a day over 40," it means that they look younger or they look 40, or they look younger than 40.

• Is this expression used as a compliment or an insult?

It's usually used as a compliment. Now, the girl from the story, she had bad luck. Usually, you say that to compliment another person, to tell them, "Hey, you look young." It's a good thing to say to someone if you're right, obviously, and if you're saying an age that is lower than their actual age. If someone is 40 and you tell them, "You don't look a day over 60," that means that you think they look like they are 60 or around 60. Maybe a little bit younger, but you think they are around 60 years old, and that would be pretty bad and pretty embarrassing. If you do say that, make sure that the age is below the actual person's age.

• If someone had to guess your age, what would they say? You don’t look a day over what?

You don't look a day over what? Like I said, I'm 31. I think I look my age. I think people would probably say, I don't look a day over 30, just a little bit younger than my actual age, but I think still around my age. They would say, "Lara, I think you don't look a day over 30." Correct me if I'm wrong. There's pictures of me on social media so you can tell me if you don't agree with me.

Turn (age in years)

'I’m turning 29 today!'

• If you are turning 40 next Monday. How old are you now?

If you're turning 40 next Monday, now you are 39.

• And how old will you be next Monday?

Next Monday, if you are turning 40, you will be 40.

• Now try to make a sentence about yourself and tell me how old you will be on your next birthday.

On my next birthday, which is going to be on March 10th, I'll be turning 32. On March 10th, I'll be turning 32. It's not really an expression that you use in a question. You either use it to talk about yourself or someone else, but not really to ask a question.

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