Episode 70 • Getting older




Gray hair

Not look a day over (age in years)

Turn (age in years)


Charlotte: Hey, it’s Mary, right? Thanks for inviting me to your birthday party!
Mary: Yeah, of course, you came with Tracy, right?
Charlotte: Yeah, I did. I gotta say, I’m impressed! You’re aging really well.
Mary: Excuse me?
Charlotte: I said you’re aging really well! What’s your secret?
Mary: My secret? I don’t know… What do you mean?
Charlotte: You have very few wrinkles. You’ve gotta tell me what lotion you’re using.
Mary: Uh, I’m not sure what it’s called… I forget.
What about your hair, don’t you have any gray hairs?
Uh, I guess. I mean, at my age, I’m starting to-
Charlotte: I’m just saying, when Tracy told me you were 49, I couldn’t believe it…
Mary: No, w-
Charlotte: … because you don’t look a day over 40, my friend!
Mary: 40? I’m turning 29 today!
Charlotte: Oh… Still, y- You’re looking great. Happy birthday!


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