Episode 72 • Clothes


Dress up

Dressing rooms

Break in (new shoes)




Girl 1: Hello!
Girl 2: Hello, how may I help you?
Girl 1: Well, I have to go to a wedding. It’s not my wedding, eh eh… But yeah, I never dress up. Like, this is what I usually wear. I was wondering if you could help me find a dress.
Girl 2: Absolutely. Let’s see… Oh, I think this dress would be perfect. Try it on! Oh and I think these shoes would look great with it. What’s your size?
Girl 1: A 7, I think.
Girl 2: We only have a 6 but they should be fine. Here you go, the dressing rooms are over there.
[curtain sliding]
Girl 2: Alright! What do you think?
Girl 1: I feel like everything is too small… I mean my feet are hurting already.
Girl 2: Nah. You shouldn’t worry about that. It always feels that way when you first try on a pair of shoes. You just have to break them in… And the dress! It looks fabulous! It’s so flattering! You look great in it!
Girl 1: It does? But I can’t breathe!
Girl 2: Are you sure?
Girl 1: Yes, I’m sure.
Girl 2: Alright, well. Let’s try something different, then.
Girl 1: Uh… Do you mind helping me? I can’t unzip it.
Girl 2: Of course, here, let me try… I- I can’t. It’s stuck.
Girl 1: Ow. My feet.
Girl 2: Uhm. Why don’t you start taking off your shoes, ma’am.
Girl 1: I can’t! These shoes are too small!
Girl 2: Oh… I’m sorry, ma’am. But if they don’t come off, you’re going to have to pay for everything.
Girl 1: What?! I’m not-! Ugh, fine… Do you take credit cards?


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