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Episode 73 • Dating


Set someone up

Blind date

Check someone out

Catch a movie

See someone


Martha: Miriam! I was waiting for this phone call. So? Tell me everything! How did the date go?
Miriam: How did it go? You want to know how it went. It was horrible. I’ll never let you set me up on a blind date, ever again!
Martha: Why? What happened? What’s wrong with James? Is he too tall? I thought he might be too tall and I even told him –
Miriam: No, it wasn’t that! Although, now that I think about it, he was really tall for me. At the restaurant, he wouldn’t stop checking out our waitress. I had to practically shout to get his attention. So when we finally finished our meal, I suggested maybe we could go catch a movie, you know? That way it would be all dark and he wouldn’t have anyone to check out… Well, apparently, his favorite actress was in the movie, Scarlett Johansson, and he just wouldn’t stop telling me how pretty she looked in every scene.
Martha: Well, it’s just-
Miriam: Hold on! I’m not done! And then, right before leaving, he said he didn’t want to go on a second date with me because he was already seeing someone!
Martha: Oh, man… I’m so sorry. Well, actually, that’s probably better for you because I think I know a guy that would be perfect for you, so his name is Christopher, he’s…


Talk about terrible dates. Am I right?

Set someone up

'I’ll never let you set me up on a blind date, ever again!'

A very short disclaimer, guys, obviously some of these expressions have more than one meaning, so right now we're only looking at the meaning that it had in the story.

• If you set someone up on a date, do you plan a romantic appointment or do you go to a romantic appointment?

If you set someone up on a date, that means that you plan for two people to meet and go on a romantic appointment, to go on a date.

• Why would someone set you up to go on a date?

If I have a friend and I think they're great, and I think I have another great friend that would be perfect for them and I want both of them to find love, instead of just minding my own business, I could set them up and make sure that they meet each other. If I set them up, they are going to meet each other and hopefully fall in love. This is why I would set someone up, to make sure that they find love.

• Who can set you up?

A friend can set you up. That's very common, but also your parents, I don't know, if they know another family whose son or a daughter could be a good match for their son or daughter, then they could set them up.

• Have you ever set someone up or have you ever been set up?

I have been set up actually by my friend, Laura, I was actually in Florida. She was in Chicago and she wanted to set me up with her cousin who was also in Chicago. That was a difficult one, but guess what? She did it, she successfully set us up. I went to one of her family parties and I met her cousin there. We really liked each other and we began a long-distance relationship. We're not longer together, but we're still friends and we talk. It was a really good thing. Thank you, Laura, for setting us up.

Blind date

'I’ll never let you set me up on a blind date, ever again!'

• If you go on a blind date with someone, have you met that someone before?

No. That's the fun thing about a blind date, because you have never seen that person. You usually have never seen that person. You don't know much about that person.

• Have you ever been on a blind date?

I've never been on a blind date. I've been on Tinder dates, which are almost like blind dates because you don't really know the other person very well, but you still know what they look like. It's not exactly a blind date. I think it would be fun to go on a blind date, but I also think it would be really scary because then you don't know what to expect, maybe you're disappointed, so I don't know. I think it's fun, but it's also a little dangerous.

Check someone out

'...he wouldn’t stop checking out our waitress.'

• If you check someone out, do you look at someone’s face or someone’s whole body?

If you check someone out, you're checking out, you're looking at their whole body.

• Why do you check someone out?

It's probably because you find that person attractive and you want to see their whole body to see how attractive they really are.

• How do you feel when someone is checking you out? Do you like the attention or not?

Do you like the attention or not? If I have to be honest, I find it creepy. I don't like it at all. I think it's something, I was going to say that men do it more than girls, but I'm not even sure if that's true, really. I'm just saying it because I don't do it because I'm usually I'm more into someone's face than someone's body. I usually don't check out men.

Catch a movie

'I suggested maybe we could go catch a movie...'

• If you catch a movie, do you watch it at home or at the movie theater?

If you catch a movie, it doesn't mean that someone just threw you a DVD and you just jumped and grabbed it. It means that you go to the movie theater to watch it. It's just slang for watching movie. Hey, do you want to catch a movie?

• Do you think catching a movie is a good idea for a first date?

I think there are quite a few people that think that catching a movie is a great idea for a first date. I personally don't really think it's the best idea because usually, especially on a first date, you want to get to know the person, you want to talk to them. It's okay if you catch a movie and then maybe go to dinner or go for a walk, but if you just catch a movie, then how are you going to be able to get to know the other person? Yes, it depends. If it's just that, no, I would choose something else.

See someone

'...he was already seeing someone!'

• If you are seeing someone, are you just friends or more than that?

If you're seeing someone, you are more than friends. That means that there's something romantic or at least sexual about your relationship.

• When can you use the expression ‘I’m seeing someone’? At the beginning of a relationship or later in a relationship?

At the beginning of a relationship or later in a relationship? If you say, "I'm seeing someone," and this is in the American culture, it means that things haven't gotten super serious yet. It's usually at the beginning of a relationship, things aren't very serious. Maybe you've gone on a few dates. Maybe you don't even call yourself boyfriend or girlfriend, but you are dating, so you would still say, "Hey, I'm seeing someone." It's like saying, "I'm going out with someone."

• Are you seeing someone at the moment?

Not really. I'm in a relationship, I'm in a committed relationship. No. I'm seeing my boyfriend, but again, because we have been together for so long, we live together. I can't say that. It's more than that, but if you are seeing someone right now, good for you. I think it's one of the most fun parts of a relationship, it's right at the beginning when you go on the first few dates, so enjoy that because it's really nice.

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