Episode 74 • Shock



Taken aback

Drop a bomb on someone

Catch someone off guard

How in the world...?


Roger: So… Julie… Why did you want to see me?
Julie: Well, you know, it’s been five months and a lot has happened since I…
Roger: Listen, I’m sorry I never called you after that night, but I just had a lot going on at the time, I wasn’t ready for something serious, you know? Plus, I was just…
Julie: I’m pregnant, Roger.
Julie: What? What’s so shocking. People get pregnant, you know?
Roger: No, I’m not- I’m not shocked…
Julie: You gasped, I heard you.
Roger: Well, I mean… I’m just a bit taken aback… How did you think I’d react?! I haven’t heard from you for five months! Now we just meet up for a drink and you drop this bomb on me! I mean… I guess it just caught me off guard… I didn’t expect it… Also… How in the world did that happen? I thought we were being careful, you even told me…
Julie: What?! This has nothing to do with you…
Roger: Isn’t – isn’t the baby mine?
Julie: No, oh God, no! [laugh] Could you imagine?! No, thank goodness. I met someone shortly after going out with you, we fell in love and decided to start a family together. Oh my gosh, is that why you looked so scared? [Laugh] No, no, no… it’s just… I’ve gained a bit of weight and I was trying to look for my favorite sweater, the one that used to be too big on me and then I remembered I’d left it at your house… so I was wondering if I could have it back…
Roger: Y- yeah… Of course you can have it back…


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