Episode 75 • Fancy


Black tie event



Table manners

Hors d'oeuvre


Woman: Oh sweetie. Come here, mommy’s got something very important to tell you. Mommy and daddy have been invited to a very important black tie event this Saturday, alright? And we’ve decided to take you with, okay? Look, Mommy is going to wear this beautiful gown she just bought and you… look what I got for you? This tuxedo! Do you think it will fit you? C’mon, let’s put it on! Alright, let’s see… Okay, so… just a few things… Table manners are really important at these events… The last event I went to, Mrs Archer’s son wouldn’t stop touching all the hors d’oeuvres with his dirty little fingers, ugh, disgusting, I couldn’t eat anything after seeing that… Also, try to be quiet… I know you’re a good boy, but sometimes you can be a bit loud… Alright, one more button and… that’s it! Oh, my gosh! Look at you! You look adorable in this tuxedo! Let’s show daddy. Honey, look at Alfred! Doesn’t he look cute?
Man: Sweetie, why is our dog wearing a tuxedo?
Woman: Because he’s coming with us, he’s part of the family now! Don’t worry! I told him he needs to behave.


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