Episode 76 • On the Road



Bike lane





[Police sirens]
Policeman: Alright, alright. Calm down. Can someone explain to me what happened?
Woman: So, I was coming from-
Man: Of course! What happened is that-
Policeman: One at a time, please! You first, ma’m.
Woman: Thank you. So I was walking home, I got to this intersection, I checked and I could see there were no cars coming and I started crossing the street, when all of a sudden, this crazy young boy appeared on his stupid little bike and nearly hit me!
Policeman: Where did this happen?
Woman: Right here.
Policeman: Uh… Sir, were you using the bike lane?
Man: No! I was on the road and-
Policeman: Why were you not using the bike lane?
Man: I was about to enter the roundabout and it was faster for me to do it from this side.
Policeman: Ah! Faster. But not safer!
Man: What? That’s not the point! Because what this lady didn’t mention is that she did not cross at the crosswalk.
Policeman: Is this true?
Woman: Yes, but, there were no cars coming, so I-
Policeman: Ma’m, that is jaywalking.
Woman: But- but-…
Policeman: I’m sorry, but it looks you’re both going to have to pay a fine.
Woman: What?!
Man: Oh, come on!


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