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Frances: Ahhh!
George: Ahhh!
Frances: What was that?
George: I don’t know!
Frances: Did you see it?
George: Of course I saw it! That thing was huge! It looked like a snake!
Frances: A snake?!
George: Yeah, didn’t you see it? It came out of there slithering!
Frances: Yes, but I could swear it had paws! Anyway, where is it now?
George: I don’t know… It sprinted and hid behind the TV set! It’s gotta be there.
Frances: Ah!
George: What? Did you see it?
Frances: I think it just hopped on you…
George: What do you mean ‘hopped’? Now it can hop too?
Frances: Well, check and see!
George: Come on! Is it on me?!
Frances: Ah! George. Don’t panic but… It’s crawling over your back!
George: What?! Ahhh! Get it off of me! Get it off me! Get it off of me!
Frances: Stop running around! Careful the floor is wet and it’s really slippery! [Thump] Whatch- out.
George: Ouch!
Frances: Are you okay?
George: Yes, I just slipped. Ouch, my back. Is it- ?
Frances: Yep, it’s dead alright.
George: So? What is it?
Frances: I have no idea… But I definitely think we should move.


Oh my goodness, how disgusting? As you might know already, I do not like bugs at all. I do not like insects so I could definitely feel the emotions of these characters when I was writing the story.


'It came out of there slithering!'

• If something slithers, does it move while touching the surface the whole time or only from time to time?

If something slithers, it moves, and while it moves, the whole body keeps touching the surface, the whole time

• If something slithers, how does it move its body? Up and down or from side to side?

If you are slithering, you don't have to slither, but if you were to be slithering, you would move your body from side to side.

• What animals slither?

Really, the most common animal that you would think of when you think of slithering is a snake, and maybe you have noticed if you are a Harry Potter fan, that it is also very similar to one of the houses. The Slytherin House. There is a reason because it's associated with things and stuff, but yes, the snakes slither. When they want to move, they slither.

• Have you ever seen a snake slithering?

I've seen videos I think most of us have, but this one time I saw a real live snake slithering away. I think I was in Laos, and I was just minding my business, I was outside of the hotel, when all of a sudden, we hear a bunch of women scream, I turn around and I see this snake literally jumping from the balcony onto the street and slither away. It was crazy because you expect to see snakes in a lot of places but not in the air, and I can still remember when I looked up and I saw this snake flying all the way to the ground and then slither away, and it was scary. That's the fun, I guess, we don't have a lot of snakes in the city so that was a fun experience because nothing happened, nothing bad happened.


'It sprinted and hid behind the TV set!'

• If you sprint, do you run somewhat slowly or really fast?

If you sprint, you run really, really fast

• When sprinting do you run for a long or short distance?

When sprinting you run for a short distance. It's this burst of movement, you start running, you run really really fast and then you stop. Not for a long-distance, only for a short distance.

• Are you good at sprinting?

I am terrible at sprinting, I think. You know I'm not very good at sports in general, but if I have to run over a long period of time, I do okay. I have pretty good resistance, but when it comes to sprinting, I stink. I'm terrible. I remember in school sometimes we would have to compete against one another at sprinting. I would always be so embarrassed because I was always the one with the lowest score and I was just very slow. It's not my thing. I'm also very short. I don't know if you know this, so that doesn't make it better.


'I think it just hopped on you…'

• What kind of jump is a hop? A long and slow one or a quick and short one?

A hop is a quick and short jump. Poop, hop.

• What animals are known for hopping?

Some insects can hop, not all of them, thank goodness because that would be a nightmare for me. Crickets, for example, they hop when they want to move and then there's obviously rabbits which are super cute when you see them hopping and then obviously kangaroos. Kangaroos hop to get around, and they jump sometimes because they make longer jumps. These are the most common animals that I can think of that hop.

• What would you do if an insect hopped on you?

A, scream at the top of my lungs, B, run around like a crazy person, and C, just like in the story, scream, "Get it off of me, get it off of me, get it off of me," if someone is around. If not, I would probably take my clothes off and burn them. I'm exaggerating but definitely scream, yes, that out too.


'... Don’t panic but… It’s crawling over your back!'

• If an insect crawls, does it move using its body or its legs?

If an insect crawls it moves using its legs. It's little legs, [animates sound] and it moves up, or it moves down. That's what's crawling is for an insect.

• Can humans crawl?

We're not insects, but can we crawl? Yes, we can crawl.

• What position do humans have to be in in order to crawl?

Just picture this, put both your or do it, you can do it. Put your hands on the floor both your hands and then your knees have to touch the floor as well. Now, try to move. There you go. Now you're crawling. I hope you're not in a public space. That is crawling, and that's actually something that babies do. Before they start walking, they start crawling, and that's how they get around the house.

• How old were you when you started crawling?

Actually, I have no idea, and I don't know anything about babies so I don't know when a baby's supposed to start crawling. I thought maybe we could call my mom because I was going to ask her before I recorded this but I forgot so maybe we can just call her together and see what she says. Let's see. Speaker 2: [foreign language] Speaker 1: [foreign language] Speaker 2: [foreign language] Speaker 1: [foreign language]. Great. Oh, now we know, I was six months old when I started crawling. Expression special number five, slip. Yes, I just slipped. If you slip, do you walk or fall? If you slip, unfortunately, you fall. Do you fall a short distance or a long-distance? If you slip you usually fall a short distance so maybe you just fall to the ground. It's not like, no, I slipped. That's not slipping. Slipping can lead to you falling down a cliff or something, but usually, if you slip you just talk about losing your balance for a moment and falling.


'Yes, I just slipped.'

• If you slip, do you walk or fall?

If you slip, unfortunately, you fall.

• Do you fall a short distance or a long distance?

If you slip you usually fall a short distance so maybe you just fall to the ground. It's not like, no, I slipped. That's not slipping. Slipping can lead to you falling down a cliff or something, but usually, if you slip you just talk about losing your balance for a moment and falling.

• What conditions can make it easier for you to slip?

If the floor is wet, that's easier for you to slip. If there's ice on the ground maybe it's really cold where you live, and you're walking, there's ice, you don't see it, you slip.​

• When was the last time you slipped? Why?

I think it was just a few days ago. I was in my house. I was in my apartment, and there's, I don’t know if there was something wrong with my slippers. Oh my gosh, they're called slippers. I never thought of that. Slippers are the shoes that you put on when you are in the house. You don't have to, but some people do and I do when it's cold. I have these slippers and I think they are slippery and I had never made the connection before, but I was walking in the living room, and I almost slipped. I didn't fall, but I almost slipped.

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