Episode 8 • Friendship


Bond over something

Hit it off

Get on like a house on fire

Know somebody inside out

Stick together through thick and thin


This is a photo of Tommy, my best friend. Tommy and I bonded over music. We both wanted to be rock stars. It was the ‘80s and even though we were both around 30 years old at the time, we had never stopped dreaming. We met at a rock bar and we hit it off right away, we had so many things in common, we liked the same bands and had the same sense of humor. You could say we became instant best friends. We hung out a lot and realized that we got on like a house on fire. So, soon after, we decided to rent an apartment together and start a band. The Rocky Coaster. We spent all of our time together and became very close. I don’t think anybody knows me like he does, he knows me inside out. Sure, we went through some tough moments but we stuck together through thick and thin and now, even though we’re both 70 we keep playing and rocking like when we were younger.


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