Episode 80 • Eyesight



Reading glasses

20/20 vision

Be as blind as a bat



Daughter: Dad, did you read the news? Look at this, here, on my phone. I just can’t believe that they would-
Dad: Uuuhm-
Daughter: What?
Dad: There’s something wrong with your screen, honey. It’s a little blurry.
Daughter: What? Let me see. No, it’s fine.
Dad: What do you mean it’s fine. I’m telling you, I can’t read a single word.
Daughter: Oh… Dad… I think it might be time for some reading glasses.
Dad: What? No! What are you talking about? I have 20/20 vision! I don’t need glasses!
Daughter: Oh really? Okay. Mmmh… Let’s see. Here. Liberty’s Christmas card. What does it say?
Dad: Uhhh, I was. No, no, no, sorry… I went… No, wait…
Daughter: Dad, you’re as blind as a bat!
Dad: Oh stop it!
Daughter: I’m serious! I can see you’re squinting… It can’t be good for your eyes!
Dad: Fine, perhaps I can’t see very well, but I don’t need glasses yet! Please, don’t tell your mom, otherwise she’s going to make me –
Daughter: Mom…
Dad: I can’t believe it!


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