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Episode 82 • Attraction


Have a thing for someone

There's just something about (someone)



Give someone the eye


Mark: Man, this party is great! Thanks for telling me about it.
Jax: Of course!
Mark: Oh my gosh, look!
Jax: What?
Mark: It’s Sandra!
Jax: Yeah, so what?
Mark: Oh, come on, Jax! You know I have a thing for her!
Jax: You do? I didn’t know that. Why? She’s not that pretty.
Mark: I know, I know… But, there’s just something about her… I don’t know… The way she talks, the way she moves.
Jax: I- I can’t see it. Why don’t you go for Carol? She’s a real hottie and I’ve seen you two together and there’s a lot of chemistry
Mark: Oh my-
Jax: What?
Mark: I think Sandra just gave me the eye.
Jax: Are you sure?
Mark: Yeah, I’m going to go talk to her. Hey! Hey, Sandra! What’s up?
Sandra: Hey, Mark! Quick question… Is your friend Jax seeing anyone? I kinda have a thing for him, I was wondering if you could-
Mark: Yeah, yeah… I’ll introduce you to him. Come on, let’s go…


Poor guy.

Have a thing for someone

'Oh, come on, Jax! You know I have a thing for her!'

• If you have a thing for someone, how do you feel about them?

If you have a thing for someone, it means you have feelings for that person. It means that there's something that attracts you to that person.

• If you have a thing for someone, does that someone usually know how you feel about them?

No, it's not out in the open. You don't know. If you have a thing for someone, you are probably keeping that to yourself. Maybe you're telling a friend, but that person that you have a thing for doesn't know about it.

• Do you have a thing for someone at the moment?

No, I don't. You know that I am in a committed relationship, that I am very much in love. I don't have a thing for someone at the moment, but if you do, good for you because I love those moments. Those moments when there's that tension because you don't know if that person likes you back but you have a thing for them. Those are some fun moments. I miss them, to tell you the truth.

There’s just something about (someone)

'I know, I know… But, there’s just something about her…'

• If, when talking about someone, you say, there’s just something about that person, does it mean you can say exactly what’s special about them?

No, you can't. If you say there's just something about him or there's just something about her, you feel like there's something that's interesting about that person that's special that really attracts you to that person, but you can't say exactly what it is. You have an idea, but you're not entirely sure. It's more about the whole person. There's just something about them.

• Talk about a person that you found particularly interesting for no specific reason, try to use the expression ‘there’s just something about him/her’.

I met most of my boyfriends-- I think I've mentioned this before, but most of my boyfriends I met online, so I got to know them quite well before we actually met up. I think maybe the one boyfriend that I didn't meet online, he's the one that really attracted me because there was just something about him. He was a much older guy. We're talking 14 years older, and I was 21 at the time. I would have never imagined that I could have liked this guy, but I went to this party and he was there, and there was just something about him. I don't know whether it was the way he talked or the fact that he was super funny. There was just something about him that really got my attention.


'Why don’t you go for Carol? She’s a real hottie...'

• If you think someone is a hottie, does that mean you have feelings for them or that you find them sexually attractive?

If someone is a hottie, that means that you find them sexually attractive. It has nothing to do with feelings. You can have the worst person in the world, the meanest person in the world, and that could still be a hottie if they are physically attractive, or if you find them physically attractive.

• What actor/actress do you think is a hottie?

Woof, there's a lot of actors and actresses that can be considered a hottie. Most actors are attractive, but I think I'm going to go with Jason Momoa just because he's got that caveman vibe. I'm really into that caveman, dirty, very manly type of person, so I think Jason Momoa is a real hottie. Do you think many people would agree with me?


'...and I’ve seen you two together and there’s a lot of chemistry…'

• If two people have a lot of chemistry, will they get along easily or with difficulty?

If two people have a lot of chemistry, they get along super well. There's a lot of physical attraction between the two of them. They can't stop talking to each other. They laugh at each other's jokes. The interaction between these two people is just really, really positive, and they just click very well.

• Can you use this expression to talk about two friends?

Not really. Usually, when you talk about chemistry, in that sense, you're talking about the type of interaction that there is between two people that are sexually attracted to one another. When you go on a first date and everything goes great, and you just love talking to the other person, you laugh at each other's jokes and at the same time, you also can't wait to kiss them and be with them, in that case, there's a lot of chemistry. Of course, that needs to be mutual. They need to like you as much as you like them. Otherwise, that's not chemistry. That's just being a creep.

• Can you think of a relationship in which you and your partner had very good chemistry?

I think most of my relationships with Italian guys and Spanish guys, I usually have very, very good chemistry with them maybe because the culture is the same, or it's very similar. I got to say, with my two American boyfriends, there wasn't a lot of chemistry there. I feel like there was, obviously, a lot of attraction, but sometimes the conversations felt a bit forced. I wasn't 100% comfortable all the time. I think it has something to do with the culture.

Give someone the eye

'I think Sandra just gave me the eye.'

• If you give someone the eye, do you look at them or do you look away?

If you give someone the eye, you definitely look at them.

• If you give someone the eye, are you trying to make eye contact or not? Do you want them to see you or not?

Yes, that's the whole point. When you give someone the eye, it means you look at them very, very intensely. That's what you want. You want them to look right back at you and make eye contact.

• What is the point of giving someone the eye? What do you think the point is?

Obviously, you are trying to show them that you're sexually attracted to them or that you're interested in them. If you give them the eye, if they look back, and if they look and see that you're giving them the eye, that you're looking at them in that specific way-- I'm doing it now, but you can't see it, but I'm doing it now. It's really sexy. Just kidding. I'm just staring at the wall and giving the wall the eye. The point is, by doing that, you're going to let them know without using your words that you are attracted to them, and hopefully, then start a conversation. Maybe if they smile, you can approach them, something like that.

• Do you think giving someone the eye is a good strategy to start a conversation with them?

I think giving someone the eye is a great way to approach someone because I feel like if you start a conversation, they might answer you just because they're trying to be polite. You don't know if they're really interested in you or if they're just being polite. If you give them the eye, I feel like you can really tell based on how they react if they're into you, if they like you too or not. If they look away right away, probably not interested. If they look at you and smile, then maybe, maybe, that's not a rule, but it might mean that yes.

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