Episode 82 • Attraction


Have a thing for someone

There's just something about (someone)



Give someone the eye


Mark: Man, this party is great! Thanks for telling me about it.
Jax: Of course!
Mark: Oh my gosh, look!
Jax: What?
Mark: It’s Sandra!
Jax: Yeah, so what?
Mark: Oh, come on, Jax! You know I have a thing for her!
Jax: You do? I didn’t know that. Why? She’s not that pretty.
Mark: I know, I know… But, there’s just something about her… I don’t know… The way she talks, the way she moves.
Jax: I- I can’t see it. Why don’t you go for Carol? She’s a real hottie and I’ve seen you two together and there’s a lot of chemistry
Mark: Oh my-
Jax: What?
Mark: I think Sandra just gave me the eye.
Jax: Are you sure?
Mark: Yeah, I’m going to go talk to her. Hey! Hey, Sandra! What’s up?
Sandra: Hey, Mark! Quick question… Is your friend Jax seeing anyone? I kinda have a thing for him, I was wondering if you could-
Mark: Yeah, yeah… I’ll introduce you to him. Come on, let’s go…


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