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Cigarette butt

Chain smoker


Put out a cigarette


Jimmy: So, what do you want to do? Want to play videogames?
Michael: I’ve got something better in mind! Want to smoke?
Jimmy: Smoke?
Michael: Yeah, come on. Open that drawer, the cigarettes are there.
Jimmy: Whose cigarettes are these?
Michael: My dad’s…
Jimmy: Do your parents know you smoke?
Michael: What? No, of course not. Are you kidding me? I’m 13. They would kill me! You should try it!
Jimmy: Who? Me? Nah… I don’t think-
Michael: Come on! Grab the ashtray over there. Come on, quick… my parents will be home soon…
Jimmy: Oh my gosh… Look at all these cigarette butts! Did you smoke all of them?
Michael: No, that was my dad… He’s a chain smoker… Okay, here, come on, try it!
Jimmy: I don’t know…
Michael: Will you stop it? Just one puff! Just to try it! Oh, shoot… Put it out! My mom’s coming!
Hey mom!
Mom: Hey sweetie! Hello Jimmy! Jimmy?
Michael: Jimmy, say hi to my mom.
Jimmy: [coughs] Hello, Mrs. Williams…
Mom: What in the world…?!


Oh, oh, somebody got caught.


'Come on! Grab the ashtray over there.'

• How is an ashtray shaped? Like a plate or like a vase?

Most of the time it's shaped like a little plate

• When do you need an ashtray? Before, during or after smoking?

You need an ashtray while you are smoking.

• What goes into the ashtray?

I would say two things. First of all, the ash, so that gray powder that you've got at the end of the cigarette when you smoke it, and then, obviously, what is left of the cigarette when you're done smoking it. That's where you leave it.

• Do you have any ashtrays at home?

I don't think we do. I don't smoke and neither does Marcos, so we don't need ashtrays. I guess some of his friends do smoke because there's a lot of people that smoking in Spain and it's quite popular. Actually, I don't know what they do because they do come over sometimes and they go out onto the balcony and they smoke. Now that I think of it, I don't know what they do with the ash. I don't know where they throw it. I'm hoping they're not using the neighbor's balcony as an ashtray, but I'm going to have to ask and investigate because I'm not sure.

Cigarette butt

'Oh my gosh… Look at all these cigarette butts!'

• How big is a cigarette butt usually?

I'm no expert but I think about an inch, maybe, because it's what you've got left. Once you're done smoking the whole cigarette, you still got a little bit left and that's what the cigarette butt is. I think it depends on the cigarette, but maybe, I want to say an inch, maybe a little more.

• Where should you put a cigarette butt?

The nice thing to do is once you're done smoking and you are left with your cigarette butt is to either put it in an ashtray that you got there or throw it in the trash.

• What would you do if you saw someone throw a cigarette butt to the ground?

Let me first say that I hate this. I hate when people do that. You know that it's really bad for the environment and it's also disgusting. There is actually, at least in Spain and in Italy as well, there's a lot of people that do it. They're done with their cigarette. They're walking around. They don't want to carry around their cigarette butts with them until they find a trash can, and so they just throw it to the ground. I am ashamed to say that I don't say anything to them. I wish I have the courage but I'm always so afraid to start a fight with a stranger that I usually just don't say anything, but I am ashamed to admit that because I think we should all speak up, and I wish I had the courage. You know want? I'm going to try and say something next time I see someone do it and throw a cigarette butt to the ground, and hopefully, you will too.

Chain smoker

'No, that was my dad… He’s a chain smoker…'

• Is a chain smoker someone who smokes only every now and then or someone who smokes a lot?

A chain smoker is someone who smokes a lot.

• Is there someone you know who is a chain smoker?

I don't have a lot of friends that smoke so that's good, I guess. My grandma, oh boy, I do not remember a time when she wouldn't have a cigarette in her hand. It was crazy. It was just like she was smoking all the time, all the time. Between her and her husband, who's not my grandfather, but between the two of them in the same house, it was crazy. There's always someone smoking, so definitely both of them, my grandma and her husband, they were both chain smokers.


'Just one puff! Just to try it!'

• If you take a puff on a cigarette, how much smoke goes into your mouth?

If you take a puff, a little bit of smoke goes into your mouth, not a lot, just a little bit.

• How many puffs does it take to finish a cigarette?

I had to google this because I didn't know the answer to this question. I googled it and it turns out 8 to 12 puffs. That's how long it takes for you to finish a cigarette.

• Have you ever taken a puff on a cigarette?

Well, mom, don't listen. I'm just kidding. I haven't. Actually, I've never taken a puff on a cigarette, never ever, ever in my life. I am glad I haven't. Never say never. I don't know. Maybe I will change my mind at some point and become a chain smoker. Hopefully not, but up until now, no, not even one puff I swear to God, so my mom can be proud of me.

Put out a cigarette

'Oh, shoot… Put it out! My mom’s coming!'

• When do you put out a cigarette? When you want to start smoking it? Or when you want to stop smoking it?

You put out a cigarette when you want to stop smoking it.

• How can you put out a cigarette?

Technically, you can put out a cigarette in a lot of different ways. You could put it in your mouth, the entire thing, and you will put it out, but the most common way to do it is to either press it against a surface like an ashtray or a trash can. Some people step on it, but then that's the problem because then they step on it and a lot of times they don't pick it up. Some people, if they have like a cup of water in their hands, they might throw the cigarette in the water, and that's how they put it out. The important thing, in that case, is to remember not to drink the water afterwards.​

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