Episode 83 • Smoke



Cigarette butt

Chain smoker


Put out a cigarette


Jimmy: So, what do you want to do? Want to play videogames?
Michael: I’ve got something better in mind! Want to smoke?
Jimmy: Smoke?
Michael: Yeah, come on. Open that drawer, the cigarettes are there.
Jimmy: Whose cigarettes are these?
Michael: My dad’s…
Jimmy: Do your parents know you smoke?
Michael: What? No, of course not. Are you kidding me? I’m 13. They would kill me! You should try it!
Jimmy: Who? Me? Nah… I don’t think-
Michael: Come on! Grab the ashtray over there. Come on, quick… my parents will be home soon…
Jimmy: Oh my gosh… Look at all these cigarette butts! Did you smoke all of them?
Michael: No, that was my dad… He’s a chain smoker… Okay, here, come on, try it!
Jimmy: I don’t know…
Michael: Will you stop it? Just one puff! Just to try it! Oh, shoot… Put it out! My mom’s coming!
Hey mom!
Mom: Hey sweetie! Hello Jimmy! Jimmy?
Michael: Jimmy, say hi to my mom.
Jimmy: [coughs] Hello, Mrs. Williams…
Mom: What in the world…?!


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