Episode 84 • Light & Electricity


The power goes out

Pitch black



Get electrocuted


[TV sounds]
[Sound of fuse blowing]
Nick: Dad! What happened?
Dad: I don’t know, Nick! I think the power went out.
Nick: What do we do now?
Dad: Dad will show you how to fix it! Come on, let’s go down to the basement. Let’s figure out what happened. Now, careful, son. It’s pitch black… Watch where you put your feet. Grab the flashlight, please.
Nick: We don’t have one, dad.
Dad: Alright, well just use your phone then.
Oh, right! Good idea, Dad!
Dad: Okay, now point it over here… Ha, see, this is the problem. Now we just gotta flip this switch. No, not you! I don’t want you to get electrocuted! Okay, ready? And… boom! The power’s back on!
Nick: Wow, Dad!
Dad: There you go, son. See how easy that was? I mean, I actually know quite a lot about these kinds of things because when I was –
[Sound of fuse blowing]
Nick: Uh, dad… I think the power went out again.
Dad: I know, son. I know…


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