Episode 85 • In the Car



Call shotgun

Buckle up


Glove compartment


Jax: Alright, guys. Ready for this road trip? Did you put all your stuff in the trunk?
Ryan: Yep!
[Trunk closes]
Stella: Yes! I call shotgun!
Ryan: Stella, please, can I sit in the front? I don’t like sitting in the back…
Stella: Nope, sorry, Ryan! I called shotgun… You know the rules…
Jax: Okay, everybody, buckle up… and here we go! Woohoo! Road trip! Put on some music, Ryan. Ryan? Ryan, are you okay?
Ryan: I think I’m getting carsick
Jax: Oh my gosh, Ryan… Don’t you dare get sick now… It’s my dad’s car… He’ll kill me! Stella, check the glove compartment, see if there’s a bag or something…
Ryan: Guys, I don’t think I can hold it in much longer.
Fine. Fine. I’ll stop. Stella, switch seats with Ryan, please.
Stella: Yeah, yeah. Sure.
[Doors close and car starts]
Ryan: Ha! Got you guys! Guess who’s not really sick but is sitting in the front now, Stella?
Stella: Seriously, Ryan? Ugh, unbelievable! You are such a baby…


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