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Episode 85 • In the Car



Call shotgun

Buckle up


Glove compartment


Jax: Alright, guys. Ready for this road trip? Did you put all your stuff in the trunk?
Ryan: Yep!
[Trunk closes]
Stella: Yes! I call shotgun!
Ryan: Stella, please, can I sit in the front? I don’t like sitting in the back…
Stella: Nope, sorry, Ryan! I called shotgun… You know the rules…
Jax: Okay, everybody, buckle up… and here we go! Woohoo! Road trip! Put on some music, Ryan. Ryan? Ryan, are you okay?
Ryan: I think I’m getting carsick
Jax: Oh my gosh, Ryan… Don’t you dare get sick now… It’s my dad’s car… He’ll kill me! Stella, check the glove compartment, see if there’s a bag or something…
Ryan: Guys, I don’t think I can hold it in much longer.
Fine. Fine. I’ll stop. Stella, switch seats with Ryan, please.
Stella: Yeah, yeah. Sure.
[Doors close and car starts]
Ryan: Ha! Got you guys! Guess who’s not really sick but is sitting in the front now, Stella?
Stella: Seriously, Ryan? Ugh, unbelievable! You are such a baby…


Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, what a naughty boy.


'Did you put all your stuff in the trunk?'

• Where is the trunk of a car located? In the front, in the back or in the middle?

A trunk is the part that's in the back of the car.

• What is the trunk used for?

The trunk is that part of the car that you have to fill with- what, you don't have to fill it but you can fill with, for example, your luggage when you go on vacation or if you go to the grocery store, you can put the grocery bags in there, so all the food. You can put a dead body in there, at least that's what they do in movies. That is what the trunk is for. To hold stuff so that it doesn't bother the passengers.

• What do you have in your trunk right now? (If you don’t have a car, what would you keep there if you had a car?)

I don't have a car, my boyfriend does. It's a little messy. Right now our trunk is a little messy. There's nothing special, really. I think there's maybe a half-empty water bottle. Then, actually, there's a stick that I found in the mountains when I was on a hike, because I am not very good at walking in general, I think I've said this before. My boyfriend found the stick that can help me walk better. It's an actual stick, it's a branch or something from a tree or a plant. I liked it so much. It helped me so much on that hike that I decided to keep it, and it's now in the trunk.

Call shotgun

'I call shotgun!'

• If you call shotgun, that’s because you want to sit in the back or the front of a car?

This is a really cool expression, something that it's used a lot, especially among teenagers. You say that, you call shotgun, when you want to sit in the front.

• Can the driver call shotgun?

No, the driver needs to sit in the front, he has got no other option. It would be really hard to drive while sitting in the back of the car. Only the person that wants to sit next to the driver is going to call shotgun. That's what you have to do. Okay, when you're with your friends, you say, "Hey, I call shotgun." If your first one to say it, you get to go sit in the front.

• When you are with your friends, are you the one to usually call shotgun or not?

No, not really. I love sitting in the front, don't get me wrong, but usually, I don't want to take this opportunity away from other people so I'm not going to say anything, if somebody else decides to call shotgun, I'm not going to complain.

Buckle up

'Okay, everybody, buckle up…'

• If you buckle up, do you fasten your seatbelt or unfasten it?

If you buckle up, you fasten your seat belt. It's what you do right before driving off.

• Which is more formal. Buckle up or fasten your seatbelt?

Fasten your seat belts is more formal, which means buckle up is more informal. That's why when you fly on a plane, the flight attendant is going to say, "Fasten your seat belt." She's not going to say, "Buckle up", although that's what you do, you buckle up.

• When do you usually buckle up? Before the car starts or when the car is already moving?

Personally, I prefer to buckle up as soon as I sit in the car. That way, I guess, I don't even have to think about it anymore because it's so automatic. I've seen people that start driving, literally, like the driver will start driving and then as they go, they buckle up, which I don't think is very safe. I think it's better if you buckle up before the car starts moving.


'I think I’m getting carsick...'

• If you are getting carsick, what are your symptoms?

If you are getting carsick, well, first of all, you're in a car and you'll be feeling nauseous, so you'd feel like you want to vomit, maybe a little dizzy. Just not very good in general.

• What can you do to prevent getting carsick?

The reason why you get carsick is because of the movement of the car, from what I understand. There are pills that you can take that help you with that. I think they do help to a certain extent. I can't think of anything else that would help you not get carsick. It's a really tricky thing. If you get carsick, you know what I'm talking about.

• Do you get carsick?

Oh, yes, I do. The last time I got carsick was when I was in Sri Lanka. I was riding on this bus and the curves were just crazy. It was horrible. It was a long, long ride. It was four hours. I think I lasted two hours. There were so many people on the bus. I think, two hours into the trip, I just couldn't hold it in anymore and I just threw up. I was so embarrassed because everybody was watching. They were nice. I think somebody gave me a bag or something. I was trying not to look at the people surrounding me because I was so embarrassed. Yes, that was the last time that I got carsick. I get carsick a lot, I've always had this problem. It was even worse when I was younger. Now, it's a little bit better, but as you can tell, I haven't overcome it yet.

Glove compartment

'Stella, check the glove compartment, see if there’s a bag or something…'

• Where is the glove compartment located? Right in front of the passanger’s front seat or right in front of the driver’s seat?

The glove compartment is always located right in front of the passenger's front seat. If you're driving, it's either on your right or on your left, but it's never in front of you.

• What is the glove compartment for?

Well, if you know what I'm talking about, it's that little, kind of a drawer, but it's not a drawer. It's that compartment, that part where you put-- It's called the glove compartment because I guess people used to put their gloves there. Now, I don't think it's used for that, but you can put all sorts of stuff in there. Mostly, I think most people leave their documents, the car documents, maybe maps in the past, now we don't use maps anymore. Pretty much anything you want, tissues, money, I don't know.

• What do you keep in your glove compartment?

I don't know. There is a lot of stuff in there. I wouldn't be able to tell you what it is. We have the vehicle registration and a bunch of other papers which I'm pretty sure we could throw out.

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