Episode 85 • In the Car



Call shotgun

Buckle up


Glove compartment


Jax: Alright, guys. Ready for this road trip? Did you put all your stuff in the trunk?
Ryan: Yep!
[Trunk closes]
Stella: Yes! I call shotgun!
Ryan: Stella, please, can I sit in the front? I don’t like sitting in the back…
Stella: Nope, sorry, Ryan! I called shotgun… You know the rules…
Jax: Okay, everybody, buckle up… and here we go! Woohoo! Road trip! Put on some music, Ryan. Ryan? Ryan, are you okay?
Ryan: I think I’m getting carsick
Jax: Oh my gosh, Ryan… Don’t you dare get sick now… It’s my dad’s car… He’ll kill me! Stella, check the glove compartment, see if there’s a bag or something…
Ryan: Guys, I don’t think I can hold it in much longer.
Fine. Fine. I’ll stop. Stella, switch seats with Ryan, please.
Stella: Yeah, yeah. Sure.
[Doors close and car starts]
Ryan: Ha! Got you guys! Guess who’s not really sick but is sitting in the front now, Stella?
Stella: Seriously, Ryan? Ugh, unbelievable! You are such a baby…



'Did you put all your stuff in the trunk?'

• Where is the trunk of a car located? In the front, in the back or in the middle?

No. If the power goes out, you are left with no electricity in the house.

• What is the trunk used for?

There's a bunch of reasons. One of the reasons could be the weather, especially if there is, I don't know, a really big storm or tornado or, I don't know, something pretty big weather-wise, then the power might go out temporarily or even for quite a long time. If nothing's happening, it might also be because the electrical circuit of the house is overloaded. That happens, for example, when you have too many appliances working at the same time. I don't know, maybe your dishwasher and the washing machine, and then you're also cooking, all that stuff, if you're using too much power, that might cause the power to go out.

• What do you have in your trunk right now? (If you don’t have a car, what would you keep there if you had a car?)

It wasn't that long ago. I think it was maybe a couple of days ago because this happens pretty frequently in our house. I remember I was in the bathroom and I was about to blow dry my hair and I plugged in the hairdryer and the power just went out because my boyfriend was cooking, we had the heater up and running in the other room. It was just too much for our poor little apartment to handle, and so the power went out.

Call shotgun

'I call shotgun!'

• If you call shotgun, that’s because you want to sit in the back or the front of a car?

None. If it's pitch-black in a room, it's completely dark. There's not even a little bit of light coming in.

• Can the driver call shotgun?

Nothing. You can't see anything because it's too dark for your eyes to see.

• When you are with your friends, are you the one to usually call shotgun or not?

I usually can't sleep well if there's too much light coming into the room. I want the room to be really dark. However, especially if I'm sleeping by myself, I don't like for it to be pitch-black because I get a little scared because you know, monsters. No, but seriously, I don't like for it to be pitch-black. I want it to be dark but I want to be able to still see. If I have to get up, especially in the middle of the night, I want to be able to see what's going on around me.

Buckle up

'Okay, everybody, buckle up…'

• If you buckle up, do you fasten your seatbelt or unfasten it?

In your hand, or on your head? A flashlight is a small electric light that you carry in your hand. It's usually small enough for you to hold it with one hand. Sometimes if it's very big, I would say two but usually just one.

• Which is more formal. Buckle up or fasten your seatbelt?

No, we don't have a flashlight at home. I don't think it's really necessary nowadays because every phone has a flashlight. Pretty much every phone, I think. Obviously, it's not a great flashlight. It's not very powerful but it does the job.

• When do you usually buckle up? Before the car starts or when the car is already moving?


'I think I’m getting carsick...'

• If you are getting carsick, what are your symptoms?

A switch can do both. It can turn on electrical stuff, electrical equipment, lights, but it can also turn these things off.

• What can you do to prevent getting carsick?

On both. You have both switches that control the lights in the different rooms and those are placed on the walls. Then you also have switches on certain objects like, I don't know, the lamp right next to me, it has a switch. Let's see, what else has a switch? The rice cooker that I have in the kitchen, that has a switch.

• Do you get carsick?

Yes. Listen to this carefully because it may seem trivial, it may seem stupid, but it's a big difference. The difference between a switch and a button is the fact that when you press a switch or you flip a switch, it changes its position. With a button, that doesn't happen because you press the button and then the button comes right back.

Glove compartment

'Stella, check the glove compartment, see if there’s a bag or something…'

• Where is the glove compartment located? Right in front of the passanger’s front seat or right in front of the driver’s seat?

If you get electrocuted, that means that the electricity passes through your body. What happens to someone that gets electrocuted? Unfortunately, if you get electrocuted, that means that you're likely going to die because it's a pretty serious matter.

• What is the glove compartment for?

Unfortunately, if you get electrocuted, that means that you're likely going to die because it's a pretty serious matter.

• What do you keep in your glove compartment?

Well, first of all, do not touch any live wires. If you see any wires that are, let's say, exposed, don't touch it. Okay? If the power is on, that is very dangerous. If there's a storm outside, another thing you shouldn't do is open your umbrella because that attracts the lightning, I think. I'm no scientist, you know that. Do not stand under a tree because that's really dangerous and do not get in the water. Then there's this other thing that I don't know if it's true because my mom used to tell me when I was little, but she always told me to not open the fridge when my hair was wet, or when my feet were wet. I forget. One of the two or both my hair and my feet or either my hair or my feet. I don't know. When something was wet, she didn't want me to open the fridge. I don't know if that's just something that my mom said. Let me know, reach out to me and tell me if your parents taught you that as well or if it's all right to do it. Just in case, don't.

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