Episode 86 • Dishonesty



Dupe someone into doing something

Fall for something

Con artist

Be in on it


Hey, Will, you know what could be fun? Right across the street there’s that psychic I always go to. Why don’t you go in?
Baby, we’ve already talked about this… I don’t believe in that stuff and you shouldn’t either…The only goal these people have is to scam people like you.
Oh, come on! You don’t have to believe in it… Just do it for fun!
No, I told you. I don’t like that woman… The last time you went she even duped you into buying $50 worth of ‘special stones’… I still can’t believe you fell for it. Really… That woman is just a con artist!
That’s not true! Cynthia is a professional… Want to know how I know? Because I went to a different lady last week and she said the same exact things she did.
Of course she did. They probably knew each other. She was in on it
Will. Baby, please… Do it for me…. Pleeeease.
Fine… Only five minutes.
[Clock ticking]
So? How did it go? You were in there for almost an hour!
Uh… Well… I booked another session next week. I also bought these stones Cynthia recommended. She said they might help with work. Oh, and also… We should start looking at apartments because she said we’re gonna have a baby soon…


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