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Facial hair


Receding hairline


Peter: Hello, Mom! Surprise! I’ll be spending the whole weekend here! Hey, dad!
Mom: Oh, my Lord! My baby! What have you done to your face!
Peter: What? This. Oh come on, mom. Beards are cool again, don’t you know that?
Mom: Listen, Peter. I don’t know what your girlfriend thinks about this or your boss, but, as your mom, I have to be completely honest. You just look shaggy
Peter: Shaggy? Ha ha. This is barely a stubble … I’m sorry, mom. But I like it and I’m keeping it.
Mom: Oh. Peter, honey… You know how I feel about facial hair. It doesn’t look good on you. In fact, it doesn’t look good on anybody! You look so much better when you’re clean-shaven… George, tell him something.
Dad: Oh, Margaret… He’s fine.
Mom: Hey, I’m serious… Honey, please…
Peter: Fine. Let’s make a deal then… I shave but… you promise you won’t mention this again.
Mom: Absolutely!
Peter: Not even a word about it? For the whole weekend?
Mom: I promise! If you shave, I’ll shut up about it and not bother you anymore.
Peter: Okay, deal! Just give me a second.
[Door opens]
Mom: Oh, goodness gracious. Peter! What have you done?
Peter: What? You said I should shave. Well. I shaved. Happy now?
Mom: You shaved your head!
Peter: Not the whole head…
Mom: Yeah, I can see that. Just the front. Why would you do that?! Now it looks like you have a receding hairline. Oh come on, get back into that bathroom and-
Peter: Mom, we had a deal. I shave and we don’t talk about it.
Mom: George! Say something!
Dad: Ha ha ha. You’re really smart, son. Ha ha ha. Really smart.


Peter found a way to trick his mom in the end.


'You just look shaggy…'

• If you have shaggy hair or a shaggy beard, is your hair long or short?

It's usually if your beard is shaggy or your hair shaggy, it's usually pretty long.

• If you have shaggy hair or a shaggy beard, is your hair long or short?

It's definitely untidy. When you look at someone, maybe they haven't brushed their hair, or they haven't cut their hair in a long time, and it just looks really messy, a little bit tangled, then you could say that it's shaggy.

• What do you think when you see someone with shaggy hair or a shaggy beard?

I think especially the shaggy beard has become more acceptable now at least in my country but I think we're still conditioned as a society to think of someone with shaggy hair or shaggy beard as someone who's not very professional, someone who's not very sometimes clean, which obviously doesn't make any sense because you could be the richest man in the world and the cleanest man in the world and still have a shaggy beard or still have shaggy hair. I think I am still a victim of this first impression thing, so sometimes I may judge a person with shaggy hair and a shaggy beard, unfortunately.


'This is barely a stubble…'

• If someone has a stubble, do they have hair on their face or not?

Yes, someone with a stubble has hair on their face.

• And how long is that hair?

It's not very long, just a little bit. We're talking about the area of the mustache and the beard. It would be maybe two days, if you're a guy obviously, and you haven't shaved in two days then you start to get a stubble.

• If you’re a man, do you like how a stubble looks on you? If you’re a woman, do you like a stubble on a guy?

I love a stubble on a guy. Again, this is all part of what society tells us and now I think society is telling us that beards are cool and stubbles are cool. I think once again, I am being conditioned by it and so yes, I definitely like a stubble on a guy.

Facial hair

'You know how I feel about facial hair. '

• Where does facial hair grow?

When we're talking about facial hair, we're talking about the hair that's on your face, but when we talk about facial hair in general, we're usually referring to the mustache and the beard. These are, I would say the chin, the cheeks, and above your upper lip.

• How is facial hair seen in your culture / country now?

I think the whole facial hair thing goes through phases. There are phases that I wouldn't be able to tell you the decades but I know there had been times when facial hair was considered disgusting and unprofessional and dirty. Maybe it is still so in some cultures maybe in your country but I think right now especially in Spain, I think most guys have a beard. Right now it's considered really cool. I think it's considered pretty cool now. It's really an accessory for a lot of men.


'You look so much better when you’re clean-shaven…'

• If a man is clean-shaven, does he have a beard?

If a man is clean-shaven, no, he doesn't have a beard.

• What about a mustache?

No, not even a mustache. If you are clean-shaven that means you don't have facial hair. That means that you are completely shaven.

• Can you say a child is clean-shaven?

No, you can't say that. It's true that a child doesn't have any facial hair but a child because they've never had facial hair they could not shave. So clean-shaven is only used for men that shave.

• Think about your friends? Are most of them clean-shaven or do most of them have a beard?

I don't have a lot of friends but I'm trying to think. Some of my boyfriend's friends are clean-shaven, but my friends, no, I don't think so. Then again, it's so common here now even the ones that don't have a full beard, they still have at least a stubble.

Receding hairline

'Now it looks like you have a receding hairline.'

• If you have a receding hairline, is your hair falling or growing?

If you have a receding hairline, your hair is falling.

• And if you have a receding hairline, in which part of your head is the hair missing?

It's missing in the front. The hairline is where the forehead stops and the hair begins. If your hair starts falling in the front, then you've got a receding hairline because your hairline is basically receding, is going back.

• Do you have a receding hairline or do you know someone who does?

I don't have a receding hairline. It's usually more common among men because men tend to lose hair more than women do, especially when they get a little older. Let's see. Some of my boyfriend's friends, they do have a receding hairline. Actually, he even told me that one of his friends did and he got a hair transplant because it's the thing where they take some of the hair from the back of your head and they put it in the front where the hair is missing. Yes, some of his friends had a receding hairline, but now they don't anymore.

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