Episode 87 • Men’s Hair




Facial hair


Receding hairline


Peter: Hello, Mom! Surprise! I’ll be spending the whole weekend here! Hey, dad!
Mom: Oh, my Lord! My baby! What have you done to your face!
Peter: What? This. Oh come on, mom. Beards are cool again, don’t you know that?
Mom: Listen, Peter. I don’t know what your girlfriend thinks about this or your boss, but, as your mom, I have to be completely honest. You just look shaggy
Peter: Shaggy? Ha ha. This is barely a stubble … I’m sorry, mom. But I like it and I’m keeping it.
Mom: Oh. Peter, honey… You know how I feel about facial hair. It doesn’t look good on you. In fact, it doesn’t look good on anybody! You look so much better when you’re clean-shaven… George, tell him something.
Dad: Oh, Margaret… He’s fine.
Mom: Hey, I’m serious… Honey, please…
Peter: Fine. Let’s make a deal then… I shave but… you promise you won’t mention this again.
Mom: Absolutely!
Peter: Not even a word about it? For the whole weekend?
Mom: I promise! If you shave, I’ll shut up about it and not bother you anymore.
Peter: Okay, deal! Just give me a second.
[Door opens]
Mom: Oh, goodness gracious. Peter! What have you done?
Peter: What? You said I should shave. Well. I shaved. Happy now?
Mom: You shaved your head!
Peter: Not the whole head…
Mom: Yeah, I can see that. Just the front. Why would you do that?! Now it looks like you have a receding hairline. Oh come on, get back into that bathroom and-
Peter: Mom, we had a deal. I shave and we don’t talk about it.
Mom: George! Say something!
Dad: Ha ha ha. You’re really smart, son. Ha ha ha. Really smart.


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