Episode 88 • Brands








[Phone ringing]
Hello, girl!
Hey Sophie! Ugh, I am so done tindering!
What happened? Another bad date, uh?
Bad? It was awful! So, I had been talking to this guy for a few days. We had never facetimed or anything, but he seemed nice enough so I thought we could meet up. I gave him the name of this cute little restaurant between 5th and, hold on, you know it. It’s the French restaurant we went to for Molly’s birthday!
Oh, yeah. That’s a good restaurant!
Anyway, he gets there and… Let’s just say he doesn’t look anything like the pictures.
No way… He’d photoshopped them?
All of them. I’m telling you, I barely recognized him when I saw him.
Oh my- I told you! You need to google  your date before you go out with them!
Hold on. That’s not the worst part. He spends the whole meal complaining about the fact that he had ubered  all the way there, just for me, about how expensive it had been and how the least I could do was pay for dinner and for his Uber ride back home.
No way.. I can’t… Did you- Did you do it?
No, that’s why he’s still here.
Wait… You’re still at the restaurant? With that guy?
Yeah… I’m not leaving before dessert…


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