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Put off


Move up

Call off


Frank: No, boss. I can do it.
Frank: I know I’m driving. I’ll just use the Google Assistant.
Frank: Of course I know how to do it!
Frank: Don’t worry boss, I got it.
[Phone clicks]
Frank: Okay, Google. Schedule a meeting for Tuesday at 3.
Google Assistant: Meeting scheduled for today at 3.
Frank: No, not today. Ugh, okay Google. Put off the meeting, please.
GA: Would you like to reschedule the meeting?
Frank: Yes. Reschedule for Tuesday at 3.
GA: Great. Your meeting has been moved up. Your meeting is in 3 minutes.
Frank: What? No, no, no, no! Okay Google, ugh forget it! Just cancel it, call it off .
GA: Got it. Calling mom…
[Phone ringing]
Frank: What?… No!


It was actually one of you guys that gave me this idea because one of you reached out to me via email and said that I sound like their Google Assistant, which I thought was very flattering by the way. I thought, "Why not write a story about that?" Here it was.


'Schedule a meeting for Tuesday at 3.'

• If you schedule a meeting, do you plan it or do you cancel it?

If you schedule a meeting, you plan it.

• What things do you need to decide on when scheduling a meeting? The time, the day or both?

You absolutely need both. If you want to schedule a meeting or if you want to schedule an event, you're going to have to know when it happens, the day on which it happens, and also the time. Otherwise nobody's going to show up.

• What was the last meeting/event you scheduled?

Oh my gosh. I just remembered, I need to schedule a meeting for Monday. I'm going to schedule an event I hope in the next five minutes, as soon as I'm done recording this episode because otherwise I'm going to forget again, but I have to schedule a meeting with another teacher. This is for my old job. I forgot. I don't know if I told you, but I quit my job. I spoke about it on Instagram, but I still have a couple of things that I need to finish working on so I do have to schedule a meeting for Monday.

Put off

'Put off the meeting, please.'

• If you put off an event or a meeting, will this happen before the time you had planned or after the time you had originally planned?

If you put off a meeting it will happen after the time that you had originally planned. It can be a few hours later or it can be a few days later or even a whole year later, it just means that it's going to happen after the date or the time that you had originally picked.

• Have you ever had to put off an event or a meeting? Why?

Yes, it's happened to me a bunch of times. Obviously, things come up. You schedule an event and then you can't make it to that event so you have no choice but to put it off. I don't like doing it because I feel every time you put off an event, obviously, it has repercussions on other people as well. I think the last time, it was probably a few months ago, so it was a while ago and I had to meet up with a colleague from work. Her name's Liza. I was running a bit late, so I asked her if we could put it off and we just met I think an hour later or something like that.


'Would you like to reschedule the meeting?'

• If you have to reschedule an event? Does the event take place as planned or not

No. If you reschedule an event, that means that something changes about that event or that meeting.

• If you reschedule a meeting, will it take place before or after you had originally planned it?

If you reschedule an event, it just means that you change the date or the time or both. We don't know if it's going to happen earlier than planned or after it was originally planned to happen, but we just know that the date and time or both are going to change.

• How do you feel when you have to reschedule an event?

Like I said, I've already told you, I feel really bad because I know that it affects other people as well and I don't like to be a pain in general. I always try to follow through and if I do schedule an event, I try not to reschedule it unless I can't help it.

Move up

'Your meeting has been moved up.'

• If you move up an event or a meeting, will this happen before the time you had planned or after the time you had originally planned?

If you move it up, that means that it happens earlier, so before you had originally planned. We can say this is the opposite of putting off an event or putting off a meeting. If you put it off it happens later than you thought, and if you move it up it happens sooner than you originally thought.

• Have you ever had to move up a meeting/an event?

It doesn't happen very often because usually if something comes up I'd rather put it off or put off the event or the meeting rather than moving it up. I can give you an example. I was planning to go on a trip with my boyfriend in a van, and he was talking about doing it in March. At first I thought March was going to be a good idea or mid-March, around that time, but then I realized that that was around the same time when my speaking club is going to start. I thought, "Hold on, I don't want to be traveling," because then you don't know how good the internet connection is going to be and so I thought, "You know what, it's better if we do it before the speaking club." Even though we had already talked about it, we decided to move it up, and so it's going to happen a little sooner. It's actually going to happen next week.

Call off

'Just cancel it, call it off. '

• If you call off a meeting, will the meeting take place or not?

No. If you call off a meeting the meeting is not going to happen.

• Why would you call off a meeting?

I don't know, for a bunch of reasons. Maybe you're sick, maybe you're running late, you're not going to make it in time, maybe you just don't feel like it. Whatever reason that may bring you to cancel a meeting, that's why you would call it off.

• When was the last time you had to call off a meeting or a meeting that was supposed to take place was called off?

I actually had to call off, and it felt so bad, but I had to call off an event that I had organized. It was I think one week ago. The reason why I had to call it off was because I messed up the time. I wanted to plan it and to schedule it for 11:30 in the morning. I don't know what happened, but I messed up and I set at the time for 11:30 PM at night. This was supposed to be a lesson, an English lesson that I was supposed to teach. What's crazy is that I realized, I think it was 9:30 at night, and I'm getting the message, just someone saying, "Hey, can I join tonight's lesson?" I'm like, "What are you talking about? There's no lesson tonight." Then I checked, I realized that I had set the time for 11:30 at night, and so I was just like, "Listen, I'm really sorry but I'm going to have to call it off." I'm not going to teach at night. I love teaching but I also like sleeping so I had to call it off. I felt so, so bad, but I felt like I had no choice.

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