Episode 90 • Cold



Be snowed in

Freezing your butt off

Teeth chattering

Bundle up


Mom: Hey, sweetie. Jack called us and told us you couldn’t come for Thanksgiving because of the blizzard.
Lizzie: Yeah. Yeah, mom. Sorry. It’s awful here, really. We‘re snowed in. It’s awful! You and dad are so lucky to be living in Florida, trust me! We’re over here freezing our butts off
Mom: Oh, I can imagine… It’s gotta be awful. Your teeth are chattering and everything. How sad.
Lizzie: Yes. But it’s- It’s alright. We’ll see you at Christmas. That is if there isn’t another blizzard. You never know with this crazy weather.
Mom: Right, right, right, right, right… You know what’s funny, sweetie?
Lizzie: What?
Mom: Your dad and I drove all the way from Florida and we’re standing right outside your front door and the weather is beautiful, not even a little bit of snow.
Lizzie: You’re- You’re where?
Mom: Right outside your house.
[Door opens] 
Mom: Bundle up, honey. Otherwise you’re going to catch a cold.


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