Episode 91 • Waking Up


Rise and shine!


Get up on the wrong side of bed


At the crack of dawn


Mia: Rise and shine! Good morning, beautiful! Ready to start the day? So, this is the first weekend we’ll be spending together and I want to make the most of it! So, I thought we could start with a quick run around the neighborhood, then I’ve bought plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables for a nice smoothie. At 11 we have brunch with my friend Mary and her husband, then we… What’s wrong? Aren’t you excited?
Ben: Uh- I mean… I just woke up.
Mia: Okay. Someone’s cranky when they wake up. What happened to you? You got up on the wrong side of bed?
Ben: It’s not that. Babe, can we- Can we just talk about this after I drink my coffee? I’m just a little groggy. You know, it’s 6 in the morning… I just need to fully wake up and-
Mia: Then why do you wake up at the crack of dawn if you’re in such a bad mood when you wake up early?
Ben: But, but , but- You’re the one who woke me up!


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23 days ago
Reply to  Lara

Hi, Lara! It’s great news! =)