Episode 92 • Pride




Show off


Toot your own horn


Bjorn Ford: Hey guys!
Max: Hey Bjorn! What’s up? Did you get your test back?
Bjorn: Yeah, I did.
Max: So, what did you get? Let me see!
Bjorn: Uuh. I got an A+ but I think our professor was a little too generous.
Max: Oh, shut up. You always study super hard. You deserve it.
Bjorn: I don’t know. Well, I’ll see you later guys!
Luke: Ugh, did you hear him?
Max: What?
Luke: He was totally bragging about getting an A.
Max: What? No he wasn’t. I asked him what grade he’d gotten and he answered.
Luke: Oh, puh-lease. He’s always doing that.
Max: I actually happen to think he’s a very humble guy.
Luke: Humble? Oh, come on! Did you see him last week? The way he walked into class showing off his new iPhone?
Max: I think he was just holding it. Hey, I know his parents got money but I’ve talked to him quite a bit and he’s really down-to-earth.
Luke: Yeah, right.
Max: Are you- Are you sure you’re not jealous?
Luke: Of Ford! That’s ridiculous! Why would I be jealous? I mean, I might be tooting my own horn here but I also got an A+ in the test, and my parents are getting me an iPhone for my birthday, and I’m taller than him. Oh and also…


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