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Episode 92 • Pride




Show off


Toot your own horn


Bjorn Ford: Hey guys!
Max: Hey Bjorn! What’s up? Did you get your test back?
Bjorn: Yeah, I did.
Max: So, what did you get? Let me see!
Bjorn: Uuh. I got an A+ but I think our professor was a little too generous.
Max: Oh, shut up. You always study super hard. You deserve it.
Bjorn: I don’t know. Well, I’ll see you later guys!
Luke: Ugh, did you hear him?
Max: What?
Luke: He was totally bragging about getting an A.
Max: What? No he wasn’t. I asked him what grade he’d gotten and he answered.
Luke: Oh, puh-lease. He’s always doing that.
Max: I actually happen to think he’s a very humble guy.
Luke: Humble? Oh, come on! Did you see him last week? The way he walked into class showing off his new iPhone?
Max: I think he was just holding it. Hey, I know his parents got money but I’ve talked to him quite a bit and he’s really down-to-earth.
Luke: Yeah, right.
Max: Are you- Are you sure you’re not jealous?
Luke: Of Ford! That’s ridiculous! Why would I be jealous? I mean, I might be tooting my own horn here but I also got an A+ in the test, and my parents are getting me an iPhone for my birthday, and I’m taller than him. Oh and also…


Oh, and also, so I guess someone was a little jealous. What'd you think of the voices? I think it was the first time that I had to do three male voices at once. Hopefully, you were able to tell them apart.


'He was totally bragging about getting an A.'

• When bragging, how do you talk about what you have done, with shame or with pride?

When bragging you talk about what you have done or about what you have with pride.

• Is bragging positive or negative?

Bragging is definitely something negative. I hate people who brag. I really do, because, obviously, one thing is being proud of something that you've done or something that you have, but if you're bragging, you're trying to show that you are superior. If I come up to you, I'm like, "Hey, you know what? I got an A. What did you get?" I'm bragging because I got an A. Obviously, I'm proud but I'm also trying to make you feel less than me and smaller than me in a way.

• Do you ever brag? About what?

Like I said, I hate bragging in general. I don't like people that brag. Sometimes I do do it, but I hate when I catch myself bragging. I think if there is one thing that I sometimes brag about is, I got to say, I think it's this podcast because at the end of the day, this is the closest thing I have to a baby. I know it sounds a little sad when I say this, but I don't have any kids and this podcast has brought me so much joy and pride. I think even though I don't want to do it, sometimes when I'm talking to someone and I talk about the podcast, I may brag a little bit. I hate when I'm doing it but I'm guilty of that sometimes.


'I actually happen to think he’s a very humble guy.'

• If you are humble, do you believe you are better than other people or not?

No, if you are humble, you believe you are just like other people, and sometimes even not as good as other people.

• Is being humble a good thing or a bad thing?

I think being humble is a great quality. It's definitely a good thing because that means that no matter what you have done in life, no matter how much money you have, you still think that, like I said, you're not better than anybody else, you're no better than anybody else. I think that's a very good thing to-- a very good quality to have.

• Can you think of anyone in your life who is very humble?

There's quite a few people that I know that are very humble. When I think of the word humble, one of the first people that I think of is an actor, and I'm talking about Keanu Reeves. Now, I don't know if you've ever heard of-- I mean, I'm pretty sure you've seen him. One of the things that he is very famous for is for being really humble because even though he's super-rich and super-famous and super handsome by the way, but despite all of this, he is still very humble. He doesn't act, at least, like he's better than other people. He's not like your normal celebrity that walks around and brags about, I don't know, his clothes or his achievements. He's just very, very humble.

Show off

'Did you see him last week? The way he walked into class showing off his new iPhone?'

• If you show off, how do you talk about what you have, with shame or with pride?

If you show off, you talk about what you have with pride, lots and lots of pride.

• What is the purpose of showing something off?

If you show something off or if you show off, you're doing that to make other people feel jealous.

• Is showing off considered a good thing or a bad thing?

Is making other people feel bad about themselves a good thing or a bad thing? It's definitely a bad thing, you guys. Showing off is kind of like bragging. It's a way to talk with pride about what I have and to make you feel jealous.

• Do you need to talk in order to be showing something off?

No. Obviously, I can show off by saying, "Hey, look what I can do. Look what I have achieved." That is one way to show off. I can also show something off by just literally showing it. An example, imagine I just got a new car and I'm really proud of it. I can either talk about it or I can just drive it around my neighborhood with the window down and the music super loud so that people notice me. I can look around and make sure that everybody is looking at me. In that case, I'm showing off my car. Why? Because I want people to admire me and to feel a little jealous.

• Is there something you like to show off?

Like I said, first of all, I don't like showing off in general. Maybe one thing that I'm proud of and that I like to show off is my office. It's nothing special really. It's just a very big and bright room, but it looks very professional. I don't know, it's just got a very nice vibe to it. When people come over, I like to show off my office because I think it's a cool room. Then again, I hate myself for it, but I do it.


'I’ve talked to him quite a bit and he’s really down-to-earth.'

• If someone is down-to-earth, are they easy to talk to or not?

Yep, if someone is down to earth, they're really easy to talk to, very easy-going, very, I would say, normal.

• If someone is down-to-earth, do they care about superficial things?

No, when someone is down to earth, it means that no matter how much money they have or what position they occupy at work, for example, if they're down to earth, they really focus on the important things. They act in a very regular way. I would say people like the Kardashians, these types of celebrities, they're the opposite of what you would call someone that's down to earth because they're just not very relatable. They live in a different world, quite literally.

• Do you think if you had a lot of money, you would still be down-to-earth?

I think I would, because I think there is a difference between being born rich and living in this bubble where you think that the real world is what you live in when it's really not. I think that if I had a lot of money, I would still be down to earth because I would still remember what the important things are. Like I said, I don't like people who brag, I wouldn't want to brag or show off, so I think I would try and stay as humble and down to earth as possible.

Toot your own horn

'I might be tooting my own horn here but I also got an A+ in the test...'

• What does the saying ‘toot your own horn’ mean? That you are talking with pride about your own achievements or somebody else’s achievements?

If you are tooting your own horn, that means that you're talking with pride about your own achievements. You're saying good things about yourself.

• Is tooting your own horn considered good or bad?

Tooting your own is like bragging because, obviously, you're talking about yourself, you're talking with lots of pride about what you have or what you've done. I think as long as you say it, people don't see it as such a bad thing. It's a lot of pride there, but I think it's okay. Try not to do it too much. Try not to toot your own horn too much. If you do it once in a while, I think it's good because it shows that you love yourself.

• When was the last time you tooted your own horn?

I think it was maybe a couple of weeks ago when I wrote the episode on meetings. I thought the story-- Sorry, I'm tooting my own horn here, but I thought the story was pretty good. My boyfriend works right next to me, so I turned around that day and I said, "Hey, you know what? I wrote a pretty good story and I'm pretty happy with it." Right there, I was definitely tooting my own horn.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 92 • Pride”

  1. I really agree with you that proud people look down on other people. I sometimes brag about my achievment about English. I got an insight from your podcast. So I should not brag too much about my English….lol

    1. Hey Esther! 😄 A little bit of self love never hurt anybody. 😋

      P.S. Look down on someone… Great expression! I might use it in one of my stories at some point. 😊

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