Episode 93 • Anger


Go ballistic


For crying out loud

The last straw

Give someone a piece of your mind


Dad: What- What happened, son? Did- Did that guy make fun of you again? Ugh, I swear- Where is he?
Son: No, dad, please. This is exactly why I didn’t tell you , because I knew you’d go ballistic. It’s not that bad, dad. Seriously… You‘re overreacting.
Dad: I’m overreacting? This guy has been torturing you all year, for crying out loud! I’m your dad, I’m supposed to protect you. I haven’t done anything yet because your mom didn’t want me to but this is it! This is the last straw!
Son: Dad, no, listen, you don’t und-
Dad: I’m sorry, but I gotta do something. Which one is it? I’m gonna go up there and I’m going to give him a piece of my mind. What’s his name again?
Son: Charlie. But dad, dad…
Dad: Hey, hey you, buddy. Are you Charlie, listen. We’ve got a problem, I’m done with you-
Charlie’s friend: I’m- I’m not Charlie. This is Charlie.
Charlie: What?
Dad: You’re, you’re Charlie. I thought you were a bit shorter and skinnier… Well, you… take care, okay?
Alright, son, let’s go…
Son: But dad I thought you were-
Dad: Just walk. Is he following us? Let’s walk faster…


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