Episode 94 • Apartments




Be behind on rent

Get evicted

Get locked out


Lucy: Yes?
Mr. Rogers: It’s me! Mr Rogers, your landlord.
[Door opens]
Lucy: Hello, Mr Rogers, how can I help you?
Mr. Rogers: You know why I’m here, Lucy. You can’t ignore it.
Lucy: [Sighs] Listen, Mr Rogers. Can you just give me a couple of extra months?
Mr. Rogers: I’m sorry, Lucy…
Lucy: But- But, come on! Aren’t neighbors supposed to help each other?
Mr. Rogers: I’m your landlord, Lucy. The fact that I live across the hall doesn’t change anything. You are the worst tenant in the building, you‘re always behind on rent. I’m sorry, Lucy, I’ve got no choice.
Lucy: So, what? You’re just going to have me evicted?
Mr. Rogers: As a matter of fact, yes. Yes, I am, Lucy. I’m sorry. But as of right now, you don’t live here anymore. I’ll come by first thing tomorrow to make sure you’ve left. Goodnight.
[Clunking noises]
Lucy: What’s- What’s the matter, Mr Rogers?
Mr. Rogers: I can’t… I think I got locked out.
Lucy: Oh, no… You know, I’d let you stay at my place but… it turns out I don’t live here anymore…Goodnight!
[Door closes]


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3 days ago

I knew about you in Martin’s podcasts and now you have him on yours. It was fun! Martin always has funny stories to tell and he also knew all the answers to your questions! 😂