Episode 96 • Transportation


Lose your train of thought

Pass (a test) with flying colors

That ship has sailed

Helicopter parent

Throw someone under the bus


Mom: Thank goodness, you’re here. Finally!
Dad: What? Is Amanda alright?
Mom: Yes, yes, she’s fine. Let’s go in.
Dad: Hello, Principal Rodriguez. We’re Amanda’s parents. Is everything okay?
Principal: Yeah, yeah. Please, have a seat. I called you in because I wanted to talk about Amanda. She’s been skipping school lately, she’s not doing well on her tests and I [slurping sound] Man, this coffee is cold… Uhm… Sorry, what was I saying? I lost my train of thought.
Mom: About Amanda skipping school… I just thought… I thought she was doing so well. She told me she’d passed every test with flying colors.
Principal: I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m afraid your daughter will not make it into college this year.
Mom: What? No! It’s impossible, there has to be something she can do! Maybe if she took a few tests again.
Principal: I’m sorry, ma’am but that ship has sailed.
Dad: I knew it.
Mom: Oh, okay, so now it’s my fault.
Dad: Of course, you’re the helicopter parent. You never leave her alone and now obviously she’s rebelling.
Mom: Oh, okay, Mike. Thank you so much for coming here and throwing me under the bus as if you had no part in this. Do I need to remind you how distant you’ve been the past few months? 
Dad: Hey, I’ve been away because of

[unintelligible sounds]

[clears throat]

Principal: Listen, don’t worry. Miss Wilson will have another chance next year…
Mom: Wait. Did you- Did you say ‘Miss Wilson’. Our – Our daughter is Amanda Scott.
Principal: Oh… Oops, wrong Amanda then. Yeah, no, Amanda’s doing great. Lovely student by the way! Really, you’re doing a great job with her… 


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