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Episode 96 • Transportation


Lose your train of thought

Pass (a test) with flying colors

That ship has sailed

Helicopter parent

Throw someone under the bus


Mom: Thank goodness, you’re here. Finally!
Dad: What? Is Amanda alright?
Mom: Yes, yes, she’s fine. Let’s go in.
Dad: Hello, Principal Rodriguez. We’re Amanda’s parents. Is everything okay?
Principal: Yeah, yeah. Please, have a seat. I called you in because I wanted to talk about Amanda. She’s been skipping school lately, she’s not doing well on her tests and I [slurping sound] Man, this coffee is cold… Uhm… Sorry, what was I saying? I lost my train of thought.
Mom: About Amanda skipping school… I just thought… I thought she was doing so well. She told me she’d passed every test with flying colors.
Principal: I’m sorry ma’am, but I’m afraid your daughter will not make it into college this year.
Mom: What? No! It’s impossible, there has to be something she can do! Maybe if she took a few tests again.
Principal: I’m sorry, ma’am but that ship has sailed.
Dad: I knew it.
Mom: Oh, okay, so now it’s my fault.
Dad: Of course, you’re the helicopter parent. You never leave her alone and now obviously she’s rebelling.
Mom: Oh, okay, Mike. Thank you so much for coming here and throwing me under the bus as if you had no part in this. Do I need to remind you how distant you’ve been the past few months? 
Dad: Hey, I’ve been away because of

[unintelligible sounds]

[clears throat]

Principal: Listen, don’t worry. Miss Wilson will have another chance next year…
Mom: Wait. Did you- Did you say ‘Miss Wilson’. Our – Our daughter is Amanda Scott.
Principal: Oh… Oops, wrong Amanda then. Yeah, no, Amanda’s doing great. Lovely student by the way! Really, you’re doing a great job with her… 


Lose your train of thought

'Man, this coffee is cold... Uhm... Sorry, what was I saying? I lost my train of thought.'

• When do you lose your train of thought? Before, after or while talking?

You lose your train of thought while talking, in the middle of a conversation, in the middle of a sentence, even.

• If you lose your train of thought, do you remember what you were saying?

No. If you lose your train of thought, you would begin talking, you would want to say something, but then either you get distracted because something happens, or maybe you start talking about something a little different and you forget what you actually meant to say at the beginning of your sentence. That's what it is like when you lose your train of thought. You forget what you were going to say or which direction your conversation was going.

• Do you often lose your train of thought?

I don't think that happens very often to me. I don't think I often lose my train of thought. The reason why that doesn't happen, I think it's because my sentences are usually pretty short and I know what I want to say and what I want to convey. No, it doesn't happen to me very-- Wait, what was I saying? I'm just kidding. [chuckles] No, it doesn't happen to me very often.

Pass (a test) with flying colors

'She told me she’d passed every test with flying colors.'

• If you pass a test with flying colors, what kind of score do you get? A low one, an average one, a perfect one?

If you pass a test or an exam with flying colors, you pass with a perfect score. Depending on your country, that could either be an A or even an A+, or it could be a 10. I don't know. It depends on your grading system.

• Did you pass a lot of tests with flying colors when you were in school?

I wouldn't say a lot of tests. There were some tests that I passed with flying colors. I was just an average student. I didn't pass a lot of tests with flying colors.

That ship has sailed

'I’m sorry, ma’am but that ship has sailed.'

• If you say ‘that ship has sailed’, you say it to let someone know they have one last opportunity to do something or that they missed an opportunity?

If you say that that ship has sailed, that means that the person that you're saying that to has missed an opportunity. There's nothing that they can do about it. The opportunity has been missed.

• If you say that a ship has sailed, do you say it with relief or with regret?

Definitely, the second one. When you say that ship has sailed, usually what you're saying is that you had a good opportunity, you had the chance to do something, but you no longer have it for whatever reason because you missed that opportunity. Usually, you say that with a bit of regret, with a little bit of sadness, and maybe even frustration.

• When was the last time something happened to you that made you think/say ‘That ship has sailed?’

I think I'm going to have to talk once again about my last job. I think one of the last times that I thought, "That ship has sailed," was when I had already made up my mind. I was not very happy with my job, and so I knew I wanted to quit. Then my boss tried to convince me to stay. In that moment, I thought, "I'm sorry, but that ship has sailed. I've already made up my mind, and you missed this chance. You missed this opportunity to keep working with me." Yes, that was the last time that I thought, "That ship has sailed."

Helicopter parent

'Of course, you’re the helicopter parent.'

• If a parent is a helicopter parent, are they too involved with their kids’ lives or not enough?

If a parent is a helicopter parent, that means that they are too involved in their kids' lives.

• What kind of things would a helicopter parent do?

A helicopter parent is that typical parent that's always around, always knows what's going on with their kid's life. They know what friends they hang out with, what they're doing at school, what they're doing after school. They're checking to make sure that the homework is correct. They're overprotective, so they're always saying like, "No, don't do this. Don't do that, you're going to get hurt." They are just really, really protective and really careful, and they know a lot about their kid's life because they get involved a lot.

• Were your parents helicopter parents?

I was raised by my mom, and I can 100% say that yes, she was indeed a helicopter parent. She knew everything about what I was doing at school, especially, she was really concerned about schoolwork. She was a teacher, so that's understandable. Then she also wanted to know who I was hanging out with, and especially, she was super, super worried that something might happen to me, so she was always telling me, "Don't do this, don't do that." I think that's part of why I grew up with a lot of fears, but hey, at least she's kept me safe, right?

Throw someone under the bus

'Thank you so much for coming here and throwing me under the bus as if you had no part in this.'

• If you throw someone under the bus, do you take the blame for something that happened or do you blame someone else?

If you throw someone under the bus, you blame the other person. You do not take responsibility and you put the blame on the other person.

• Why would you throw someone under the bus?

Well, because you don't want to face the negative consequences that a specific situation might have on you. Let's say you and your friend cheated on a test. If they found out that I cheated, then I would get in trouble, but if I throw my friend under the bus, if I tell them, "Hey, they cheated," or, "He cheated," or, "She cheated," then they're the ones that are going to get in trouble, not me. That's why you would throw someone under the bus. Definitely not a nice thing to do, but it's something that some people do.

• Have you ever been thrown under the bus?

You were the victim in this case. I'm sure it's happened a few times. I think one of the times that I will always remember, and I think I've already talked about this, but I went to a party with my ex. We walk in and we were super late, and instead-- These were his friends. Instead of him just accepting the blame or just not even saying anything, he immediately says, "Hey, it was Lara's fault." Hey, it was true, it was my fault, but still, he totally threw me under the bus because he didn't want to be blamed for being late. He threw me under the bus and everybody could blame me, which I didn't think was exactly the nicest thing to do. We actually had a pretty heated discussion after that party.

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