Episode 97 • Luck


Be down on luck

Lucky charm


Third time's the charm

Tough luck


Daniel: Have you got the ticket?
Louis: Yes, yes, calm down. It’s here.
Daniel: Calm down? Are you kidding me? I’ve been studying for months.
Louis: Studying what?! It’s the lottery! It‘s all down to luck!
Daniel: No, it isn’t! I’ve read lots of books, I’ve even taken a statistics course and I know I’ve got the winning numbers.
Louis: Okay, then why do you have that ring on? I know that’s your lucky charm
Daniel: Shut up. I always wear it.
Louis: No, you don’t.
Daniel: I told you! I don’t need luck! I know what I’m doing.
Louis: Okay, okay. Whatever you say. So, what are you going to do with the money that you win?
Daniel: Stop asking me that, you’re going to jinx it!
Louis: Oh, yeah. So, if you don’t win, it’s my fault? Dude, this is the third time you’ve bought a lottery ticket. You didn’t win the first two times.
Daniel: Well, you know what they say… Third time’s the charm!
Louis: Did you read that in your statistics book?
Daniel: Stop making fun of me! You’ll see! Turn it up…
TV: Here are the winning numbers…59
Daniel: Yes!
TV: 3
Daniel: Yes!
TV: 15
Daniel: Yes!
TV: 18
Daniel: Yes!
TV: 72
Daniel: N-no… No, no, no, no!
Louis: Ugh, tough luck, man. Next time…
TV: Hold on. Sorry. There seems to have been a mistake. It’s 62. I repeat! 62!
Daniel: I Won! Louis, I won!


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