Episode 98 • Cooking





Oven mitt

Thaw out


Rebecca: Hey, how’s my favorite chef?
Susie: Shut up, close the door.
Rebecca: What?
Susie: I have no idea what I’m doing. What was I thinking? Offering to cook a Thanksgiving meal for 12 people. I don’t even know how to make an omelet.
Rebecca: Calm down. We’ve got this, okay? I’m going to help you. Alright, so what have you done so far?
Susie: Well, I washed the vegetables.
Rebecca: Okay, good, that’s a good start. Where are the vegetables?
Susie: There.
Rebecca: What’s- what’s this? Is this soap?
Susie: Yeah, the recipe said ‘wash the vegetables’ and so I did.
Rebecca: Oh, sweetie, you’re not supposed to wash them with soap, you’re just supposed to rinse them! Okay, never mind. What about the soup?
Susie: Yeah, it’s over there.
Rebecca: Oh, no… Did you- did you stir this? You need to stir it every now and then while it cooks, otherwise it sticks to the bottom, see? Okay, listen… You did make the pasta, right? There’s very little that could go wrong with that.

Susie: Yeah, no. I think I got that right. Here, taste it.
Rebecca: Oh my- Susie. This is way overcooked. How long did you leave it in the water?
Susie: Yeah, I don’t know… 15, 20 minutes? Okay, maybe it was 30, I forget. I got distracted, I’m sorry.
Rebecca: Okay. listen. It’s Thanksgiving. The most important thing is that we get the turkey right. Is it in the oven?
Susie: Yes.
Rebecca: Alright, good, see? Now pass me the oven mitt and let’s… Susie, why is the turkey cold?
Susie: Uuhm, because it was frozen.
Rebecca: You didn’t -? Susie, you have to thaw it out before you cook it! This is still frozen!
Susie: I- I-… Maybe if we put it directly on the fire then…


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